Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 29th January 2021

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 29th January 2021

This is a Friday of revelations in which you will be full of good ideas arising from the vibration of seven, applicable both in your work and in your personal and family life, in your daily activities. You wake up enthusiastic, willing to do something different, and not let routine or boredom spoil your relationship. These initial days of the year, especially those that are unfolding in this new lunar year that began last weekend, will be highly inspiring and you will feel stimulated and eager to experience something exciting.

Today you can expect a very idyllic and romantic day. You feel especially sensual and warm, and you tend to see the man in your life rosy. He likely sees you the same way! If for a long time you have wanted a romantic dinner, with champagne, by candlelight and red roses, today is the day! Don’t forget the violin!sagittarius daily horoscope 29th january 2021

One more day? It depends on you if it is beautiful and happy, or that it is not since the circumstances are there, but it is you with your attitude, who has in your hands the possibility of transforming them positively and turning them into a very special and different stage.

Today you will feel wonderful, with energy and enthusiasm to enjoy life, and you will discover that finally, everything is in its place. Many of the activities that occupy you have to do with your family and your work. Hopefully, you will make it to the end of the day calm and with a smile on your face. Take advantage of this positive energy to get things done.

In your group of longtime friends, are you the only single person? This status is starting to weigh on you. Accept solicitations from other friendship circles that are not primarily made up of people in a relationship. For natives in love, a great need for stability assails you. You impose on your partner a certain number of rules, more or less accepted. The chosen one of your heart will know how to satisfy you if you manage to make him understand how much these small gestures reassure you.

You want to solve problems for everyone and this can wear you out, Sagittarius. Do not get carried away by the comments of people loaded with emotional imbalances that overwhelm you and leave you exhausted. Tremendous, exaggerated, and defeatist people steal a lot of energy.

The effect of the planetary aspects will end any lethargy you have been feeling. It’s a good day to get outside and do something active. Going for a run or a walk will help you make great use of your energy and creativity. If you have to work, walk to the office or business. Fresh air and exercise will do good for your health too, so make the most of it. Even if you have to work today, it’s always the afternoon to enjoy it.

The day is shaping up for the best today thanks to the proximity of Saturn in your Heaven. The star gives you the benefit of its benefactor aura and you might feel invigorated. You may feel the need to take care of yourself and listen to your body. The natives of the first decan, who are subject to the dying influence of Pluto, must nevertheless be careful not to overdo it and not to overestimate their strengths under penalty of being forced to a forced rest.

You are entering a very promising cycle for you. What you did not like or dislike in the past related to your work life will be amended to the extent that you propose. There is good news for the unemployed and it is that from these next days of February that are at the doors there will be very positive and encouraging labor movements.

Today promises to be an interesting day full of exchanges of favors. You will do something for others, then they will do something for you, and so on. In this way, you will be able to do what you had proposed much faster and not only the satisfaction of a job well done, but also the temporary freedom from responsibilities. Work hard, be nice to everyone, and enjoy the day.

Money and Luck
You will receive money that you did not expect. Perfect! Now, what to do? Don’t spend it right away. Separate it. Put it to work on a small account or short-term certificate of deposit, let’s say those that are three or six months old. You will see how that small investment pays off that will amaze you. Sagittarius Luck Today

Group activities and social relationships will be very pleasant for you today. You will like to see old friends and make new ones, especially since there is a lot of good news and information to communicate. Someone may want to talk to you about business and money. You will feel very sociable and people will enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs.

You are entering a good financial period under the auspices of Venus. Good news especially for those who are often reluctant to spend their hard-earned pennies. If your frugal nature tends to suppress your spontaneity, now is the time or never to give free rein to some of your desires. Cap a productive day at work with a small, affordable reward. This will positively influence your morale as well as your state of mind regarding your professional situation.

Family and Friends
Worn by Uranus, you will deploy impressive energy in all aspects of social life. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors… You are present on all fronts and in all areas! Some natives will consider joining a sports club or a theater company to expand their network while practicing an activity that is close to their heart. Others will focus on their old acquaintances and reconnect with old friends. In any case, you will seek to be surrounded and supported.

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