Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Do not overdo criticize anyone particularly if it is a co-worker or a relative who lives with you because you are too impetuous because of the action of the Moon in the fire element and you could make errors of appreciation and judgment. Your relationship with your parents and siblings will not be a problem. With children, you will tend to be demanding and impose too strict discipline. Be careful, they will at times find it hard to bear this attitude, especially if they are teenagers.

You will be faced with an unexpected situation in the sentimental order and an unexpected declaration of love that will radically transform your view of the weekend. Despite your initial confusion, you may start to take it seriously. It would not be a bad idea to explore this possibility and live the adventure that life is giving you.

You can come out very well from a love affair and a sentimental triangle, but be very careful because a committed person is turning you around and if you do not discover their real intentions you could get involved in something that would hurt you emotionally in the short and long term. Some couple problems are to be feared. They will arise mainly because of differences of opinion on the organization of the common daily life. But all this will not be of any consequence, and the end of the day will see a very clear improvement of your reports. Singles, Venus will above all protect your love. It may well be that it is worth an important meeting. For some of you, there will even be a wedding in perspective!

Put harmony and beauty in your life and your environment with plants, water fountains, flowers and simple ornaments. A harmonized house will help you a lot to maintain a healthy nervous system. Remember to prevent the dreaded cardiovascular diseases, which do not only happen to others. Reduce your consumption of meat and butter. Fish and vegetable oils are excellent for your veins.

Take advantage of an interesting offer that can put you in a better position in the near future. A good run is coming and if you know how to get the most out of it, you will have a stable job and the possibility of business trips. In the workplace, under the impulse of Mercury, you will suddenly be interested in those around you and you will leave your usual reserve. This will prove to be advantageous.

Money and Luck
There are auspicious astral movements in your economic life that lead you to money through dreams and hunches. Your sign is now in a very intuitive phase. Take advantage of these conjunctures and you will go directly to where you should go at the right time. Grab the odds as they arise. Your business will be well protected. But that does not prevent you, in the financial field, from being cautious.

By Mary Emma

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