Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 7th December 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 7th December 2018

Before embarking on an adventure that can be counterproductive, evaluate all the existing factors well. You now have the extraordinary energy of your ruler, the planet Jupiter, directly in transit through the Scorpion sign. You will discover new ways to spend your free time, and if you are a housewife, you will receive money and encouragement.

The best thing happens in your love life because during this Sagittarian birthday cycle you will find yourself enjoying a beautiful relationship, and even if it seems impossible because you may now be alone or alone, the reality is different.sagittarius daily horoscope today friday 7th december 2018

It’s your zodiacal day, Sagittarian, and love smiles at you. If you come to mind some ideas of frights, fears and complications do not let them nest in you because they spoil your happiness. Keep those thoughts away from you right away and do not spoil this birthday stage with a pointless discussion.

Watch your health! Avoid insecticides, chlorine and irritating substances because your immune system could be affected and cause irritations, which in turn, damage your bronchi and would be reflected in respiratory problems and also skin.

This astral period that you are living now in the middle of your birthday is promising so do not worry if something is not going well in your working life since the setbacks will be transient, possibly as an effect of the retrograde transit of Mercury by your sign.

Money and Luck
Today, Friday, which is your zodiacal day as you know, something different starts in your economic life. Start a formidable cycle in your recovery that will help you out gracefully of complicated situations that were in the past.

By Mary Emma

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