Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

It is an auspicious day for social encounters with friends, but in the economic issue, you must act with caution so as not to fall into the hands of cheaters. Your family life will not be without interest. You will not have to suffer at this moment of problems on this front. If you have children, you will be keen to encourage them in their studies or hobbies. Relationships with older parents will take place harmoniously, each one making an effort to accept the other as he is, without criticizing him or seeking to reform his lifestyle.

In general, the forecast for this Monday is excellent in terms of your family and social life, so make the most of it and live to the fullest. It is time to manifest your Sagittarius expansiveness and the spontaneity that characterizes you. You will control your provocative tendencies much better than usual. You will succeed even so well to give the change that we can believe that you have finally returned to the rank. Of course, it will be nothing.

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. If you perceive a change of inexplicable character of the person that you are lovingly interested, do not start making conjectures. A reckless comment may be causing the withdrawal. Clarify rumors and misunderstandings today. In the life of a couple, the improvement begun recently will continue. You will look for ways to embellish your life as a couple. As a single person, you may be in a state of uncertainty and you may be faced with a choice to make. Will the feelings be lasting or ephemeral? Are you sure to bring sincere affection and interest to the person you are dating? You will have an interest in answering such questions honestly.

There is nothing better for your health than a good nap when you get home, and then take advantage of the night to distract yourself and forget personal worries. Attend an educational show that elevates your cultural and intellectual level. Your health will not cause any concern. If you suffer from asthma, you will experience a clear respite today. It will also be a very good day for the natives suffering from heart palpitations. To treat your rheumatic pains, play sports. But yes, this therapy will be very effective!

The more concentrated and calm you are, the better things will turn out. Do not be discouraged by the setbacks that may arise in your employment. Nor do you echo the comments of the unsuccessful. You are very well sponsored. Mars influencing a work area of your theme will awaken your drive and your ambition. But beware: this planet will make you too aggressive at the same time. If you have any claims to make, go easy!

Money and Luck
If you rely excessively on luck and chance to solve your economic affairs or on the goodwill of third parties you could incur some error of appreciation and place your resources in the hands less indicated. Given the good influx of Mercury, it will be the perfect time to consolidate your material situation, make real estate transactions, prepare for your retirement, ensure the future of yours. A great day for insurers, bankers, stockbrokers.

By Mary Emma

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