Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

The planetary energies influence a transformation at the personality level, your way of understanding the world will be modified by the incorporation of new values. It is possible that you feel a similar feeling to the loss of identity, but in reality you will be redefining yourself through new conceptions of the world-system.

It is important that you work on generosity and empathy, so that you do not allow yourself to fall into indolence or into a susceptibility that leads you to live in a world of fantasy. It is a special time for you to develop new activities in your routines, even those that may seem extremely strange at first, such as enrolling in a Tarot course, for example.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today M...
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

With the Vertex in the 7th house, you could feel doubts in relation to your relationship with your partner and you can also have conflicts with the other, since the Vertex in this position can predispose hard tests in the relationship, but also the most beautiful experiences. and sublime.

Watching someone dawdle today might make you pissed off. As a Sagittarius, you are not very patient by nature and you are one of those who believe that you are never better served than by yourself. However, this is not always fair. Everyone has their own pace and some people need to take their time to do things well, especially children. Relax and try to be patient.

It is indecision that is likely to paralyze you today. And yet, now is really not the time to procrastinate. It’s time for action and if you continue to philosophize about your future, it won’t become much! So quickly put your moods aside and jump on the train that passes in front of you. You will then see where it goes and you will do with it!

The energy of the square between Uranus and Saturn impacts your love life, so the transformation may also be manifesting in the way of living the romance, which now requires transformation, a higher level of commitment to the other.

You are going to flaunt your most charming assets to wow someone today. You will want to seduce and indulge in flirting just for fun. You will feel very attracted to someone you know is unreachable. You will play the game of cat and mouse, embellishing your exchanges with allusive notes. One minute butterfly…Watch your wings!

With the presence of Taurus energy in the house of health, issues related to health will be blessed. The mood of the day is rather turned towards calm and solitude.Being alone with a good book by the fireplace would be ideal. But since we only do what we want in life, try to get through this day without starting to hate all mankind, even if you find it a rather noisy and restless genre! While you dream of calm and voluptuousness. Treat yourself to at least a solo walk, it will already be a good start!

In the work environment you could have uncooperative behavior with the team, since you will be projecting yourself in a self-sufficient way and you feel the need to do everything by yourself, because you do not trust others, however you must delegate and train whoever appropriate to work in your area.

After so much effort, comes the time for the reward! If you have devoted yourself relentlessly to a specific objective such as passing an exam, or looking for a new job, you are undoubtedly at the end of your tests… It is from today that the right news might come. Moreover, the means you had deployed left almost no chance to chance. Bravo for your perseverance!

Money and Luck
These are times when you feel great sensitivity to see the potential of business, since you have a very deep vision of the material world, this will allow you to generate significant financial resources. On the other hand, always keep in mind that you should never go over people to generate financial benefits.

You are certainly not of a thrifty nature, but today you risk exceeding the threshold of reasonableness! Frustrations now encourage you to indulge in new acquisitions! Set yourself limits though. Indulge yourself but take care to contain your impulsive need to buy. After all, it would be a shame to have to waste time tomorrow to bring certain items back to the store because your cupboards are already packed!

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