Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 29th July 2019

In love, you are wrapped in a halo of conquest due to the current lunar transit by a highly intuitive sign associated with the direct action of Jupiter in Scorpio, which also corresponds to that element.

If there were lawsuits or problems with your partner or with friends, you will see how everything is solved in an admirable way. Do not be impatient or assume an arrogant attitude. Simply put everything in order. You will see how what looked like a storm is just a shower.

Do not let loose everything you have inside because you could commit recklessness and say sorry things to the loved one. If you are guided by suspicion, a comment or rumor would cause problems unnecessarily. Act at all times with the carefree and sporting attitude that characterizes your Sagittarian sign.

Your level of health is good and when this happens the most sensible thing is to take this opportunity to enjoy it. Life is movement and if today you intend to do something positive to raise your physical endurance you will achieve many successes.

Fortunately, many problems in your work are now solved and the circumstances that worried you are totally clarified. Take advantage of this calm work to carry out all your late tasks and catch up.

Money and Luck
Something does not go as it should, according to your projections, and you may feel disappointed in your work. Soon you will see that it is not so terrible and if you analyze it well you will be able to take advantage of it and adapt to situations in which you will be much better at work.


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