Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 5th November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 5th November 2018

Do not let yourself be led to the pessimism of others or fall into the game of those who come to your side to drag you to their world of frustrations, failures and sorrows because this attitude would reflect negatively on your work and hurt you a lot.

You are on the right track in your economic life, but to get concrete results you must insist on your plans and not deconcentrate with issues of little relevance. You know how to make money, your sign attracts prosperity because luck and fortune accompany you at all times. Today you will think about the adventures of the past. You will be sentimental, reflecting on your student days and your friends. Planets will awaken feelings of nostalgia. You will find yourself missing the days gone by. You’ll even want to see some old photos. Or you’ll call some old buddy. If both have lost contact, it will be fun to rediscover.

These days before the start of your birthday cycle present new dimensions in your existential reality and love shows new faces, full of promises to wait for a new year in the best of ways. Today you will feel especially sensual and passionate. If you have a partner, you will want to be next to them, however, responsibilities will get in the way. If you are alone, you will want to be accompanied to such an extent that the people around you will be literally suffocated with your presence. This will give you the perfect excuse to become melancholic, but do not fall into that trap. It’s easy when you have time!

Try to rest more because your worries and daily worries can cause hormonal imbalances and changes in blood pressure. It is a good day for relaxation and to try alternative health treatments like massages. Today is a good day to make a decision in your personal life. If there is someone special in whom you put your eyes, today you will feel safe and you could be ready to approach them. Your energy will be positive and clear, therefore the object of your affection may be able to see the true you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a step. Today do not stop, and you will be compensated for your courage.

Do your part to avoid confrontations with co-workers that are very complicated and conflicting and will try to discourage you by causing you problems. Do not pay attention to them and continue doing your thing as you have done so far. You will have to swallow your pride and accept the conditions of others. It will be very difficult for you. Concentrate on the reasons why you gave in and take a short walk to release your frustrations. You will receive good news from other sources, which will help you to dissipate. Tonight relax with a group of friends who support you.

Money and Luck
Luck turns you around even if it does not seem that way and now with the planetary cycles that are approaching your economic landscape you will have the opportunity to meet business people whose prosperity is contagious and will help you. Money and friendship rarely go hand in hand. Remember it if a friend approaches to request a loan. Be very hard with that person, but let him see that you also have your problems and that helping him means leaving aside some thing you had planned. Perhaps you should help this person to reorganize the way he squanders the money he earns. Take the opportunity to notice the advice that comes to mind. Maybe you could need them someday.

By Mary Emma

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