Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Despite certain initial setbacks, you continue in a rhythm of promotions and achievements. There are no coincidences and you will notice because your Sagittarius sign is receiving strong surprises from the transit of your regent by an intuitive sign. A chance encounter turns into something more serious in your love life.

If a romantic relationship ends do not get upset or feel bad because it is the most convenient. In these moments each change has its reason and in your case they are oriented in a positive way. Listen more to the voice of your heart and you will find the answers.sagittarius daily horoscope today monday 6th may 2019

Something you thought was happening only casually becomes a habit and you start to be interested in a person who initially did not attract you, but who is now becoming increasingly important in your love life.

You must take care of your skin and your eyes because you are very sensitive to the planetary traffic present. Good dark glasses and a sunscreen cream will be the elements that will help you stay in optimal health.

If you have been unemployed, now that situation is put to an end. Luck, fortune and money have begun to smile and change your course for the best. However you must be cautious and not brag about your work successes.

Money and Luck Today
A person recognized within the commercial and financial media approaches your life with a proposition which could represent the money you have been needing. Listen to him, but do not sign up until you are totally sure.

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