Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th August 2019

You should not discard anything that comes to your side even if it seems insignificant. Those details will be the key to improving your economic situation and you should use them in your favor to increase your finances especially now that you have the direct energy of your ruler, the planet Jupiter.

An inventive and different touch surrounds you, coming from the lunar energy in the fire element, which is yours, influencing your sentimental reality. What you have been waiting for a long time begins to become a reality in your life, but do not overdo it because many times you tend to turn something small into a mountain.

You are in a sensitive and understanding tone which will allow you to redo a relationship that was in danger and at the same time restart what once began as a small adventure and now becomes something much more intense and strong. A passionate stage opens in your intimate relationships.

Do not do things out of the ordinary as you could alter your metabolism on this day. Today it is good to follow your routine, both in food and in other aspects of your health because you will recover from any temporary disorder.

Exercise caution because it depends on you not to look for problems on this day. If you are assigned a job that you do not like at all, it is not the time to protest but to do so, there will be time for complaints after the eclipse effect passes.

Money and Luck
If you feel compelled to finish business before signing the papers or withdrawing your money from a bank, a company or a commercial activity, pay attention to those hunches and you will not regret it.

Lucky Numbers Today

5 23 35 42


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