Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th November 2018

Many tense situations of the past will be overcome, especially thanks to a new attitude on your part, the awareness of the importance of acting decisively, without fear, and without worrying so much about what they will say or what may be happening .

Now is your cycle of strength and achievements which is very positive since it helps you to smooth out rough edges and properly channel your lifestyle.

The weekend can become a wonderful time of rejoicing, joy and intimacy if you intend to. If you have gone through some complex situations with your partner and thought that love had withdrawn from your life, now you breathe confident, relieved and happy, Sagittarian. Your life as a couple should follow its course pleasantly, in a climate certainly a little routine, but that should rather suit you. As recently, your exchanges with your spouse or partner will focus mainly on family, domestic or professional issues! Singles, this astral atmosphere will create movement around you: new meeting for some, return of an old love for others, loving friendship … In short, in one form or another, love is close.

Be careful with the foods of animal origin that you eat these days because you have very high sensitivity and if you do not cook the meat well and extreme your precautions when consuming seafood, fish and chicken you could get sick. Venus is an a priori favorable planet, and it will be worth in principle an excellent physical and psychic balance. But beware, it also makes very greedy. If you have a weight problem, you will have to be twice as vigilant as usual when it comes to food!

If you have the impression that your co-workers are deconcentrated and everything goes wrong because of you, it is time to review your own performance yourself. Possibly you are the one doing things wrong. Do not spoil the weekend with a bungler. Your professional life will be honored. Mercury and Venus should promote communication with those around you and allow you to impose your ideas smoothly. However, beware of Uranus, whose unpredictable effects could wreak havoc in your legendary organization or cause you some annoyance.

Money and Luck
There is money in your horoscope. A member of your family or a good friend who has not seen you for a long time will be trying to contact you to propose a business. Do not neglect their participation and attend to their proposals because it suits you a lot. Beware of reckless financial operations! After having hesitated for a long time, dithering, you will be able to start suddenly in hazardous transactions. Think again and take advice.

Ambiance always dynamic in family. This area of your life, influenced by beautiful Uranus, should give you complete satisfaction. Be careful not to let the tone go up.

Social Life
This aspect of the Moon will strengthen your judgment and your intuition. You could blindly trust your flair: you will see who you meet, and their real intentions. In fact, it will be very difficult this time to deceive you, even to hide something.

By Mary Emma

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