Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th December 2020

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th December 2020

Now that you enjoy the direct energy of Mercury in your sign together with today’s moon, your intuition is activated and you will discover new ways to solve sentimental differences and even increase your income. On this Saturday, your zodiacal day, you will receive dreams, motivations, and inspirations which you must follow to achieve the personal goals that you have set for yourself. Someone will make you the custodian of delicate confidence that you must keep secret to avoid future problems. Do not divulge what you hear and you will safeguard your position. Your physical vitality is exuberant today, although your mind is a bit confused. There is something or someone who is strongly opposed to your actions, remember that they may have bad intentions. Arm yourself with the courage to defend yourself. Whatever happens, you will have to do something one way or another. Analyze the facts carefully because it could be a ruse.

A good day awaits you if you know how to take advantage of it. Some words that you will hear casually in an inconsequential conversation with people you hardly know, will give you the key to carry out a project or an idea that you had long since parked. It is your intuition that has made you hunt down these phrases that can become something very positive for you. Start managing today to get everything going. On the other hand, if today someone close to you criticizes you, instead of bothering you, take note that there is something you can improve in your life. Criticism is not an insult and more so if it comes from someone you know very well who loves you well.sagittarius daily horoscope 12th december 2020

Maybe you want to get out of your current relationship and embark on a new adventure or live alone for a while. Analyze these feelings well because they could be momentary and be subject to the situations of the moment. Do not rush.

You will have communication problems at work. A partner may be in a bad mood and not receptive to what you have to say. Perhaps the phones or computers are not working. Which would be frustrating, and could interfere with office relationships. You could miss a call from a good friend or partner, but you will receive it at the last minute. Don’t pull your hair out! A fantastic night awaits you!

Your partner does not give the feeling of being interested in what you are doing, are you tired of his little “meh” which show that he only listens to you with one ear? If you wake up with the distinct and distinct impression that it is trampling your sensitivity, don’t tell yourself that you are expecting too much, that is absolutely not normal! Point it out, first with kindness, perhaps it is only a passing thoughtlessness. But don’t forget what you’re worth!

Back pain? Check your seat, your bed, your shoes. Many avoidable problems with better posture or a few simple changes in your life can bring great relief. Don’t go straight to the pills.

Today you could have a frank conversation with someone. Perhaps a loved one or a friend has taken advantage of you to some extent, probably without realizing it. Perhaps they are used to receiving your money, your time, or your energy without realizing that they take too much. Don’t be afraid to set some clear boundaries for them. This can greatly improve the relationship.

Cold sweats, tachycardia, dizziness, tremors, you feel like you are going crazy and are afraid of collapsing at any moment. A native of the third decan, you live in fear. You may be suffering from panic attacks. You are not risking anything, but your morale may be affected. If so, try to reduce the sources of stress and consider a few days of rest. Before that, limit the stimulants.

It is time to start some type of professional improvement course, take some classes related to your work, or enroll in an institution that allows you to increase your work knowledge and advance in that sense.

Today is a special day to generate ideas on how to better promote your services. If you are expressive and confident, new doors may open to your professional development. Maybe you are considering changing jobs. Today is the perfect day to prepare files and proposals. If you are trying to sell a new product or website, you will have some original ideas. Your intuition will guide you!

Money and Luck
If you are denied a loan, bank credit, or money that you have requested to resolve an urgent financial issue, do not be discouraged because when things seem more difficult they generally begin to be resolved and the prospects that are emerging for the coming year are more than promising. Sagittarius Luck Today

Will trying to control things generate more frustration than accepting that much of what you are trying to control is simply out of your reach? Relax and let things take care of themselves. Don’t bother making big plans right now, because the things you expect to happen probably won’t. Stand back a bit, but stay alert to the events around you.

You are bored at your job, to say the least, you are literally wasting away. Perhaps the time has come to question you. Skills assessment, professional retraining, job fair, explore all the possibilities available to you. Do not neglect the networks of elders, an old acquaintance could resurface soon in your life. Perhaps the key to a new lease of life in your career? Uranus brings you to change, follow the thread of your inspiration.

Family and Friends
Your qualities as a mediator are greatly appreciated within the family, you manage to calm the spirits which sometimes tend to heat up. Worn by Jupiter, you know better than anyone how to smooth things over, thanks to your keen sense of justice. You have the art of finding fair outcomes that satisfy both parties. We can say without exaggeration that you are the guarantor of family peace.

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