Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th October 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 12th October 2019

Now that you have the good effluvium of the Moon in transit through your Sagittarian sign, it is time to act in a more spontaneous way and not to look so much at the little things but to contemplate the whole because other times, due to certain indiscretions, you have lost opportunities. Be cautious.

You will start something new in your company within a few days, perhaps a different job, or a position to which other employees aspire. In any case, you are on the verge of a favorable change in your employment status and that is positive. Intuitively observe the signals you are receiving in your environment because today the transit of the Moon activates your sixth sense, Sagittarius.sagittarius daily horoscope 12th october 2019

Love turns you around, but also the precipitation and if you say what you think at a given moment without measuring the scope of your words you could be hurting with your suspicions who love you well. Remember that your sign and the qualities of your Sagittarian personality often tend to confuse sincerity or openness with a lack of tact and discretion.

You get toned and regular ailments are relieved in the feet and ankles. That is why I again instruct you to check your shoes and always guide you through health before buying shoes. Comfort, not fashion, should be your priority.

There is extra money in an out of time job that can help you improve your working conditions. Do not be impatient if you do not have the desired job right now because things will start to turn positively for you very soon.

Money and Luck
Keep your purse closed to the requests of those who dedicate themselves to importing others asking for money they do not pay. If once you were generous and now they request your financial help again, it requires guarantees and does not let yourself be manipulated again. This does not mean at any time that you harden your heart but rather determine the difference between helping others or being manipulated and deceived by others.
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