Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th July 2022

The ways in which until now you have manifested yourself and communicated to the world will be modified, expressing yourself in a multifaceted or versatile way, which could open doors for you when relating to other people. At the family level you will be experiencing moments of a very loving filial union, full of generosity and emotional interest with each other, where the instinct of protection and nutrition will be very present among all of you.

If you do not have a partner, the North Node in the 7th house will attract new people to you, as it is an area that you must experience and from which you have much to learn. So a new person is on the way. These are times when you may be experiencing a very intimate and varied way of relating to your partner, in the sense that you can spend long hours sharing ideas and thoughts of the world and of everything that is not shown in the world, they could coincide in occult and esoteric subjects, for example.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

It’s time to become zen again today, and to chase away this annoying tendency to jealousy and covetousness! You need to find a certain serenity if you want to evolve in your relationships with others. Get rid of those mental burdens that keep you from moving forward, and you can be proud of yourself. Courage, it is not by carrying a weight on the shoulder the size of a world map that you will go faster!

You will no doubt be preoccupied with housing stories today. Are you hesitating whether to move or buy a house? Why not take a tour of real estate agencies to acquire a more realistic view of your possibilities? You will then see if you can become the owner or tenant of a larger apartment. If the answer is no, you still have the option of doing work at home. It’s a way to move without moving!

Your family has never been so close. A climate of cheerfulness reigns in the house, despite the inevitable bickering between parents or siblings, there will be no resentment that persists. Overall, each problem will find its solution. Children will flourish in their school career. You and your partner will enjoy each other’s company. Take the time to savor these moments of tranquility, they will be your strength to face your personal worries outside the house.

On the romantic level you could behave in an impatient and hasty way, keep in mind that it is important to get to know the other person before making a long-term commitment, since actions taken lightly can lead to disappointment.

This day could serve as a model for you… But beware of excesses and misinterpretations in the sentimental or professional context! Under the aegis of a strong creativity, you wonder about your socio-professional relationships and make sure to understand why your emotions are not always fully expressed with those close to you.

The Sun has entered your solar system and has a colorful day in store for you. You feel good in the arms of your companion, you want to spend more time with him. Single, you appreciate the calm that reigns in your life at the moment. However, you too will appreciate the presence of the Sun. If you have to meet, be sincere and invested in showing that you are a beautiful person. However, don’t start the discussion on marriage and children, it can scare people away.

At this time you could experience periods of nervousness, since Uranus is in the house of health; And to reduce the degree of anxiety, make sure you are including Magnesium in your diet, since it has a positive effect on anxiety, stress, and nervousness.

It is important that you let go of the myth that you have no gifts or means at your disposal. The proof, you already have your body. Do you take care of it a little, of the rest? Do you play sports ? Do you care about your little physical troubles? All of this is linked. The look and attention you give to your body is the same as the one with which you look at your gifts!

For a few weeks, something has changed in you. You can’t take it anymore. You feel ready to carry out radical attitudes in your way of thinking and eating. Indeed, we do not always know it, but psychological health and physical fitness are closely linked. Break the bases of this corrupt contract which consisted in stifling your moods with… chocolate. Feed yourself with more natural things and life will thank you!

You will be manifesting important flashes of lucidity and originality in your work projects, this will help you develop cutting-edge projects; these qualities will be appreciated by your superiors. You will achieve communication successes today. you may have had difficulty communicating with a colleague, tensions separated people in your professional environment, etc.

But now you are better able to resolve these personality conflicts. You will undoubtedly have rich ideas for intensifying relational harmony so that life is more pleasant. Do your best to appease the conflicts, it is your mission of Sagittarius.

Money and Luck
A period of crisis in the financial area will lead you down new paths, do not worry, new doors will open for you and you will be able to get ahead thanks to the seriousness, level of commitment and perseverance that characterizes you. Changes are necessary to grow.

It’s the perfect day to take matters into your own hands. People listen to all of your suggestions and are impressed with the changes you propose. Launch new ideas! And if you encounter as much enthusiasm as skepticism, stick to your guns! You may also want to start a new activity. Do what you want, any change will be beneficial!

You are in a bit of a difficult financial situation and you are looking to make ends meet. For this, a piece of advice: diversify your sources of income! You tend to put “all your eggs in one basket” when a broader prospecting would allow you to get rich without too much effort. Go around your professional network, offer your services here and there, your natural gift for human relations will do the rest.

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