Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

There are times for everything, to talk and to shut up, and although Mercury is retrograde and there is the possibility of a bad interpretation, you have at the same time the good direct energy of your regent, Jupiter, the benefactor, so in matters of love, you must make the first move.

There will be a meeting that requires your promptness since it must be you who says the first word and not continue waiting for others to take the initiative, do not waste time, Sagittarius.

Your happy day is coming. You may not be right now with who you want to be, but don’t worry, everything is better than you can think and love is becoming a palpable reality in your life.

Try to maintain a stable rhythm of food, sleep and rest because due to the influences of the lunar eclipse you tend to neglect health and cause metabolic and mineral imbalances in your body. Feed rationally.

There are favorable astrological movements from this current cycle and your work situation will become more stable. News of change surrounds you. If you have applied for a job or waiting for an extra job you are on the right track.

Money and Luck
The way in which reactions will make a difference in your economic and social level. You will recover lost ground and if something did not work in the past you can ignore it and fill yourself with a much more determined and positive attitude to create new sources of income.


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