Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

Many tense situations of the past will be overcome, above all, thanks to a new attitude on your part, awareness of the importance of acting decisively, without fear, and without worrying so much about what they will say or what may be happening. Now is your cycle of strength and achievement.

The direct energy of your ruler Jupiter helps you file rough edges and properly channel your lifestyle. However, do not trust much in what you hear or the rumors that reach your ears because people tend to see reality according to their perspectives, and not in an objective way.

The weekend can become a wonderful time of joy, joy, and intimacy if you set your mind. If you have gone through some complex situations with your partner and thought that love had withdrawn from your life, you now breathe confident, relieved and happy.

Be very careful with the foods of animal origin that you eat these days because you have very high sensitivity and if you do not cook the meat well and extreme your precautions when consuming seafood, fish, and chicken you could get sick.

If you have the impression that your coworkers are decentralized and everything goes wrong because of you, it is time to review your own performance yourself. Possibly it is you who are doing things precipitously, without realizing it.

Money and Luck
There is money in your horoscope, Sagittarius. A member of your family or a good friend that you have not seen for a long time will be trying to contact you to propose a business. Do not neglect their participation and attend to their approaches because it suits you a lot for your future economic development.

Surprised at how things are thriving around you or nervous because you fear that this good time is over? Fear not, Sagittarius. The horoscope and tarot of today Saturday, August 3, 2019, predict a positive and stable time for you. Everything will happen just as you wanted and you like it.

The arcane “The Sun” indicates that you are entering a stage of stability in every way. Your social, love and work-life is at its best. You feel happy, renewed and more balanced than ever.

Sagittarius does not forget the things he lives and experiences but does not keep in his mind the insults, mistakes, or evil for a long time.

They will not waste time feeling resentment, keeping a betrayal for revenge or similar behaviors.

Despite the intensity with which they live life as a sign of fire, Sagittarians are optimistic, vital and very independent.

They flow constantly, they come and go. If something goes wrong, focus on something else, and so on and on.

Without mounting a drama or letting it affect them greatly. They prefer to invest those efforts in being happy and experiencing new sensations that take away the bad taste in their mouths that failures leave.

My Sagittarius partner has not forgotten his ex
It is not that Sagittarius has not forgotten his ex, it is just that he sins of being too good, sociable and of wanting to end the relationship in a good way, safeguarding at least one beautiful friendship.

In the case of not maintaining contact with his ex, Sagittarius will keep a good memory and try to think about what happened fairly, without hate and avoiding attributing blame to anyone.

He knows that a relationship is a matter of two, regardless of the focus of the problem.

Now, when they leave a person behind, they do not plan to return and will soon put their eyes on a new company that fills their hearts and makes them feel full.

He does not lack candidate couples thanks to all the people he meets.

Sagittarius experiences rupture in such a special way that, when they happen, two things can happen.

The first is that you simply accept the reasons given by your partner to separate and decide to be completely indifferent.

If this happens, Sagittarius will move away, continue with his life and maybe in the future he can get along with that person when everything is over.

The other is that honoring its element, it explodes and behaves intensely, feeling betrayed. That way there will be no way to maintain a friendship or cordial relationship because Sagittarius will not want to know anything about the other person.

In either case, Sagittarius will soon overcome the pain caused by the rupture.


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