Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

This weekend under the effluvium of the aphelion and the energy of Venus and Mercury, new scenes will appear within your sentimental panorama. Everything that happens will positively impact your love and social life in general.

Do not take your success arrogantly but with a touch of simplicity and humility, do not ever forget that “being great is simple, being simple is being great” and precisely in that touch of naturalness is the secret of harmony in life. Soon you will recover something that you thought you had lost, but that returns to your side.sagittarius daily horoscope today saturday 6th july 2019

Your love life is nuanced with a very intimate touch, full of sensitivity and empathy. You will go through something a situation that in the past would have bothered you a lot and recover lost ground. This is a Saturday of joy and coexistence, Sagittarius.

That good health that you enjoy requires that you take care of it and not throw it away. Continue the regime of life that has worked for you and if you notice changes in your body, check what you are doing differently, take action and go ahead!

You will receive news of a dear relative or friend who is having work difficulties, perhaps unemployed. Your emotional and concrete help will be very well appreciated. A word of yours and a positive gesture of generosity, well Sagittarius, will qualify your work horizon positively.

Money and Luck
Explore chance. This weekend your perception of fortune is on track and if it inspires you to play something, attend a casino or participate in a competition, contest or raffle, do it. The chances of winning are high.