Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th July 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 7th July 2018

Put your Sagittarian enthusiasm to work and try to finish this Saturday an annoying task so that you can enjoy the rest of the week with more tranquility. It clarifies the air with a friend or lover with whom recent misunderstandings have occurred. Today is a good time to talk, communicate and put things in place.

After an open and frank conversation, you will be able to resolve the differences and attract to your side that distant love that seemed lost and at the same time lay solid foundations in your current relationship.sagittarius daily horoscope saturday 7th july 2018

Follow your intuitions because today you are very clear and if you are interested in a person do not hesitate, go to her, tell her your feelings and do not limit yourself in anything. Your words will find a good reception and you will see concrete results soon.

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There are no reasons to worry because you, fortunately, have a good astral position in the health sector, but there are adverse influences on your ability to concentrate and you could suffer some minor fall or accident.

Keep your sense of humor in front of an occupational setback. If something does not go well the first time you try, do not feel frustrated but rather do it again because your perseverance will pay dividends and you will be able to solve the problem.

Money and Luck
If a person to whom you owe money starts looking for you do not hide or run away. Confront the situation with Sagittarian originality. You will see how there will be solutions and answers to your doubts and they will be able to reach a satisfactory agreement.