Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

You know very well, as a good Sagittarius that you are, that the fires go out one day, to give way to other fires, and so on. You will therefore not be surprised by the decrease in general enthusiasm that you may feel around you today. Some people, by the way, might need your relativistic philosophy, and you can do that very well.

Your energy levels will be somewhat erratic. At times you will be dancing on the table. And the next you will be curled up in a corner, half asleep. Try to avoid those things that take your energy, like coffee and sugar. Eat more protein at breakfast and lunch. You should also have frequent breaks during the day. Try not to keep a constantly heavy rhythm. Your body needs calm.sagittarius daily horoscope 9th january 2021

You may soon meet someone, who shows you that you are not the little man you think you are, but that you can be great too. Someone who will perhaps free you from this constant sensitivity which is yours about others, and who makes everything depend on the slightest negative external opinion. A pole is held out to you to grow.

A social whirlwind could get you. You will feel like the invitations overwhelm you and your family members may want you to visit them or go to a birthday party. Your friends will want you to go eat with them. Meanwhile, you will be making your own plans. You won’t be able to meet all of them, so choose wisely. You will not regret it!

The well-aspected moon brings you love, confidence, and comfort. You feel good, so secure that you come to the point where you stop trying. “You let yourself go”, that’s where you are. A little workout or a hairstylist would probably be appreciated by your partner, who seems to find that you put on your slippers a little too quickly. Single, you are in the early stages of a story full of promise.

Excellent day in perspective. Finally, here are some facilities in your work: the piece that was missing from the puzzle to be able to continue your task or your study could well arrive today. It’s a return to professionalism and mastery, and it won’t hurt after the mumblings of recent times! Suddenly you will no longer make “gifts” to those who deviate from your rule!

You, who doesn’t like to hold back and wait silently for your goals to be achieved, know that sometimes tasks that are a bit unpleasant must come before pleasure. Today this is the case. Fortunately, this day promises to be calm, with periods of concentrated and intense work so that you can prepare for the future.

Money and Luck
By dint of being “in the oven and the mill”, you will exhaust yourself! You certainly spend a lot of time doing very engaging activities in groups or with friends. With the psychological changes you’ve been going through for some time, this may be too much. This is what your body might make you feel like today. Two or three good nights of sleep are in order! Sagittarius Luck Today

Today you will try writing. It will help you express your feelings, and it will also be a constructive outlet for emotions such as loneliness or sadness. Poetry and creative fiction have been used for this purpose for centuries. If you’ve always escaped writing, maybe this is the time to give it a try. Let the words flow and don’t worry about grammar or spelling. You can handle that later. You will be surprised to find out how much fun it can be.

The day will be financially tense. Do not engage in investments, the profits will be less. Also, limit real estate transactions. However, your day at work will be sweet. You will succeed in finalizing your orders and other pending files. Relations will be good with your colleagues. If you feel a slight drop in morale during the day, take the air for ten minutes. You will free yourself from your worries and be able to keep moving forward.

Family and Friends
You may receive news that will make you happy. After the surprise that this unexpected announcement may cause, you will be won by an elation that you have not felt for a very long time. You will then want to do everything you can to share this state of mind with as many people as possible and will show boundless energy. Be careful not to get carried away by this frenzy which could prove to be counterproductive by tiring your loved ones who will have difficulty following you.

Your morale is not exactly good. Truth be told, you are worried about many things and you have a hard time extricating yourself from these intrusive and negative thoughts. You will find that around you one of your friends is not much better off! So try to fight two against these specters and help each other, you will at least have the satisfaction of being the only black duckling!

Today is a good day for competitive sports. (Not just to watch on television, but for you to practice!) You need physical activity and today is a great day to de-stress on the court. In the meantime, at home, you can volunteer to do tasks that keep you out and about. Raking leaves, doing household repairs, hauling groceries, it all counts. Burning a few calories will make you feel great.

Watch out for sweets and other treats that make you out of the corner of your eye. They can cause small digestive disorders or other inconveniences. Drink plenty of water, limit caffeine, and eat a healthy diet. Focus your energy on it. You should still be in great shape and health! To fill yourself up with vitamins, make or treat yourself to a revitalizing exotic fruit smoothie.

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