Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

Sun conjunct Moon is a favorable transit because of the emotional balance it brings, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating. This is a perfect time for a sensible approach to the people you love, and a psychological self-analysis regarding the habits and ways of thinking that you are applying to your life lately.

Today you can win over people with your charm and beauty. There is no need to apply physical or psychological force to get your way. With the Moon sextile Venus your openness and honesty in sharing your feelings and affections brings good friends, popularity, public appeal and sometimes fame.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

The sextile transit of Venus on the Moon has a tender loving influence that makes this an ideal time to be with your partner, friends and family. This is a great time to invite friends over for dinner and to host family celebrations. You must enjoy pleasant time going to parties and places of relaxation, entertainment and fun. You will know how to be kind and affectionate with your loved ones. And you will devote the maximum time to your children, knowing that they especially need your attention at this time.

Sun sextile Uranus is a harmonious aspect that brings conventionality and independence. It also gives you creative dynamism and independence, and although you will seek freedom at all times, you do not stop being responsible with your actions and way of living. The sense of sharing remains one of your priorities, you enjoy doing it with your loved ones. This is also what others come to you for, your availability and your ability to listen. Your positive mindset takes care of the rest.

Waiting is essential to consolidate your project of the day. Don’t doubt yourself though. You will be rather contemplative after the hustle and bustle of this day. Take the opportunity to cut yourself off from the world. Your curiosity is always awake and more particularly today, such is your state of mind today. A positive openness to events, a great sense of sharing, you seem to be nourished by the good experiences of those around you.

Today you have a pronounced sense of competition and a desire for risk, which is often expressed in dangerous adventures that could put you in danger. With Aries in your 5th house, you are characterized by passion and extreme romance. It would be convenient for you to externalize that energy in some sport.

This day allows you to find common ground, to renew a bond compromised by family worries and why not to enjoy a new and tender complicity or to breathe new life into capricious weather. As a couple: It’s a good time: the climate is in your colors! The meetings and the resulting agreements are on the agenda. It’s a good time to express yourself, to assert your opinion.

You can get noticed. Single: If you are single, do not hesitate to get out of the routine and open your eyes because it is possible that a beautiful foreign creature will meet your smoldering gaze and agree to follow you to the end of the world or at least to the end of the night. Don’t miss the mark!

With this cluster of planetary influences in the couple sector, it will be easy to imagine that your married life is likely to get carried away this time. Marriage for some, breakup for others, hard choices to make… Everything will be possible! Single, with Venus in this aspect, you will carry out your affairs of the heart with a bang. Aware of your sex appeal, you will use this power to achieve your ends and satisfy your desires.

With Taurus in your 6th house you may be losing track of time when it comes to work, and it’s not because you want to work hard, it’s because you may be distracted and not easily focus on what you’re doing. Which could lead you to the risk of an accident. You are overflowing with imagination and energy so as not to be bored during your rest periods. You are interested in multiple artistic and cultural distractions, you also spend long evenings under a starry sky putting the world to rights with your friends.

Good physical resistance. On the one hand, the health sector will be empty of planets, which will protect you from problems. On the other hand, Mars, the star of energy, will support you very effectively, giving you excellent physical tone and a marked increase in morale. You will feel even better about yourself if you move, travel or play sports. Do not hesitate to engage in a stimulating activity.

With the Sun sextile Uranus you like to work on projects that benefit society, you are idealistic, progressive, intuitive and original. You have a need to be different and you want to show your uniqueness. You want to be a teacher, mentor, and example to others. The people around you want to thank you by sharing their material comforts and possessions with you.

Keep an open mind to new things and the opportunities for change or professional progress that certain people can offer you. The astral climate will encourage you to demonstrate with tact but authority and firmness a keen ardor for work, which will allow you to exploit the positive circumstances that will arise. Ignore provocations and attach no importance to malicious criticism.

Money and Luck
You can be very worried about your own future, you often worry in these times of labor fragility that it affects your financial stability. Capricorn in your 2 house is in constant search of money trying to swell the bank accounts or to maintain the economic level that you have achieved. The sky promises you an imminent cash flow, get ready to benefit from it. Astral influences are positive. No unforeseen costs, no budgetary restrictions, everything is going well for your finances, you should quickly notice it.

Jupiter, the lucky star, will work together with Neptune, another big planet linked to luck, this time you can improve your income or reorganize your investments so that they bring you the most possible return. Understand that this exceptional configuration does not happen often. Do not hesitate to ask for any bonus, to play on the stock market, or to make an appointment with your banker to review your choices and your investments.

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