Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15th July 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15th July 2018

When you realize that someone trying to discuss a topic with you is someone fanatic, either by religion or politics do not follow the discussion because you would waste your time and you would not get anything clear. Those precious minutes of your life employ them better in something concrete and positive.

If someone wants to live in ignorance and is not able to take advantage of good advice, an example or reasoning, there is no point in insisting. Do not let yourself be influenced by negative people who will take your breath away or spend mental or nervous energy arguing with people who have nothing else to do but waste their time.sagittarius daily horoscope sunday 15th july 2018

Your sentimental reactions of today will be touched by sensitivity and sanity and you will marvel at the peaceful way in which you channel the energies of your sign of the fire element. A day for privacy, to live it and enjoy it without anything or anyone stopping you.

5 basic questions about astrology x
5 basic questions about astrology

Today’s Moon sensitizes your nervous system and you may feel anxious or with unexplained anxious anxieties. Do not worry because it is not about anything abnormal but a somewhat unstable astral current that will soon end.

Expect news very soon related to a legal issue that in turn has to do with your job or the possibilities of a new job. Do not be discouraged by the setbacks, for all will pass in their time and there will be prosperity. Remember that you are still under the effects of the retrograde transit of Saturn in your sign and for that reason, there are delays and imponderable, but temporary situations.

Money and Luck
Your ideas about the economy and business are clear and your perceptions are correct. Follow your hunches and you can put your money where it is most convenient for you at the moment, but do not neglect the opinions of experts, Sagittarius.