Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 24th January 2021

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 24th January 2021

You are at a crucial stage in January with the imminence of the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun this weekend and the beginning of the new lunar year. Fortunately, the direct transits of Venus and Mars compensate for the cosmic balance that has been somewhat out of phase due to the action of various somewhat conflicting planetary aspects in recent days. In this cycle of the synodic month of January, your emotional world is strengthened and your intuition sharpens. Pay more attention to the hidden messages of your body and you will not have difficulties, moments of a lot of work, responsibility, and money are coming, therefore, go preparing now and you can do everything successfully.

Your intuitions were founded. You were right on target, now is the time to take stock. You are holding on to the good end of shape and your body will thank you if you watch your diet more. It is important that you are more selective and that you find the practicality of what you are doing. You can no longer afford delays, hesitation, neglect, or indifference, you have to decide, decide, act.sagittarius daily horoscope 24th january 2021

The optimism you radiate will be the key to helping you overcome a tense situation that may have recently arisen in the heart of a couple’s argument. With your enthusiasm and spontaneity, you will be able to put aside the sentimental tensions and you will be able to enjoy a night full of passion.

Take advantage of the influx of the Moon to sort out your priorities, you will certainly be surprised to see the benefits quickly. As a couple: Plan on high, there will certainly be some magical moments to share. Do not let yourself be too carried away in your imaginary world, you would deeply regret having taken your desires for realities. Single: You would charm the walls and you have the impression that no one is receptive. You are mistaken because many have noticed you but few dare to approach you. Keep it simple and accept that we seduce you, the atmosphere is favorable.

You have good regenerative power in your body, but you must help your body and not introduce toxic substances into your system because now you are very sensitive.

At first glance, you rediscover your joie de vivre by orienting yourself towards the invigorating air of the forest for a most pleasant stroll with your loved ones.

There is good news for you if at this time you expect results of labor negotiations because the job prospects are very high, especially as the new lunar year unfolds that will begin tomorrow, Sunday.

You may be carried away by the movement with the temptation to stay connected to your professional activities … It is not very nice for your loved ones and it is not constructive for you, you have to know how to drop out at times.

Money and Luck
You receive money at the best time and you will see that your Sagittarius sign has a kind of magnet to attract fortune and prosperity, everyone will be amazed at your financial achievements. Sagittarius Luck Today

You have put your relatives to the fold regarding the expenses, they must respect your instructions. You make the policeman restore the balance of your accounts except that all is well in your finances, your agitation is not necessary.

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