Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th July 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th July 2019

Now that your ruler, the expansive and great planet Jupiter, you feel at the top of your conquering faculties and that’s the way it is. Love is spinning around, flirting with you, and you just have to say the first word to get it.

Good news with a happy ending to a sentimental problem and the beginning of something beautiful. In a few days you will have the opportunity to materialize a dream that until now was an illusion, a promise, something that seemed to fly very far, but now approaches your life with a fresh and fun tone.sagittarius daily horoscope today thursday 11th july 2019

If there were unpleasant or disturbing situations between you and another person there is good news for you. This is a happy moment for the reconciliations, because now with the good planetary influence of Venus and the influence of the Moon you will have the energy to fix everything.

You must make efforts of will to include in a definitive way your plans of daily exercises within your daily routine since moving, activating your muscles and joints, is as important as feeding or resting.

Plan your time properly and you will not have delays. A little patience is all that is required during this stage in which you will feel overwhelmed with work and with many responsibilities.

Money and Luck
Money and prosperity await you in the least expected place. Someone very close to the world of communication approaches you and offers you a very tempting and remunerative offer that you should consider, although you should not give the last word yet.