Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st August 2019

You will receive news that will encourage you to continue insisting on the search for a more remunerative job and in line with your urgent personal needs, ability, and ease of transport you. Do your thing with confidence. There are economic plans that require adjustments and also a more determined attitude on your part.

It is you, and no one else, who should watch your money and economy. The Moon in your fire element moves those intuitive springs that will help you focus your attention on what is really important in your love life and this month of August that is beginning will be one of the most romantic and exciting of the year.

Enjoy this feeling of joy that now surrounds you and share it with your partner so that between them they can enjoy this change of attitude with more intensity. If you don’t have a relationship or worry, you will feel in control of your emotional life at all times.

Do not be depressed by any sad memories because that damages your health. If something like this assails you, stop your daily activities, think that today you have a magnificent day before you, take a deep breath, don’t let that feeling affect your mental tranquility.

You feel like in the clouds and this could complicate you in your work if you don’t put your feet on the ground. To avoid problems, focus on what you are doing and pay more attention to everything. Do not leave anything important for the last minute and write carefully your appointments, obligations, payments, and responsibilities.

Money and Luck
This aspect as you will see is closely linked to the previous one. Do not rely solely on your memory and be careful to write down all the details on an agenda, or in the personal control of your computer, everything you should do today directly associated with important business and your money.


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