Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 22nd November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 22nd November 2018

Now only Uranus continues retrograde in Aries. You are starting a very intense cycle of personal development and what until now seemed impossible to you begins to materialize in an extraordinary way.

The perspectives that exist in that sense are very high especially now that your birthday period began. Even if you are celebrating your birthday today, you will be amazed at what comes into your life, the news could not be better. Love now occupies the center of your personalized, Sagittarian attention.sagittarius daily horoscope today thursday 22nd november 2018

There will be no difficulties in your romantic relationships because now more than ever, that sensual Sagittarian touch that melts hearts surrounds you. If you are alone or alone do not worry or look for anything because what is coming to your life will come anyway.

Good cycle to help you improve the conditions associated with the inflammatory processes of ligaments, muscles and bones especially if you lead a very active life. The current scenario is favorable for your health, take advantage of it, but do not exaggerate in your diets or exercises.

Do your thing and do not enter into gossip or gossip because there are certain people with personal problems around you in your work. Educate them politely and you will avoid future difficulties in the place where you are employed. Even if you are tempted to “sing the forty” to a certain person, you better remember that a word after the saying can not be picked up.

Money and Luck
Your mind opens up to new possibilities and as you get closer next December with the direct influence of your Jupiter ruler, your sense of economic security will increase. Money is floating around you, and not far away. It will soon reach your hands.

By Mary Emma

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