Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th July 2019

Tomorrow the planet Mercury will enter retrograde in Leo, and therefore from now on, be very cautious with what you say since any word wrongly spoken could be very misunderstood and then it would cost you a lot to amend the mistake made.

It’s a good day for bold companies and luck. Keep your feet on the ground. A charming planetary alliance should allow you the wildest dreams and intoxicating realities.

Keep your feet on the ground at all times because although things are very good for you could be living under an optimistic mirage that makes you make mistakes of appreciation or judgment, in a matter of money or in the trust you place in a friend or known.

You do not always have to bear the guilt of something that has already happened and forgot. If you corrected a mistake and everything was fixed it is time to live in the present because delving into past issues is nothing positive for you in your love life. Proceed at all times with the freshness that characterizes your Sagittarian sign.

Day under the sign of emotional luck. The moon increases your charisma. This is a good time to strengthen your relationship with the loved one or to reconnect with an ex-partner. All the advantages are on your side and you do not hesitate to take the first step. It’s all good.

As a couple: You are in a tonic phase and take the program of the day in hand. Get out and move with your other half. The climate is excellent in the heart of your duo and the day promises to be rich for tender complicity and woven romantic opportunities even naughty.

Single: Today, opportunities are multiplying to enrich your agenda and you are pleasantly turned upside down. A meeting and crack! From the crush to love at first sight, there is only one step. A whiff of love naturally guides you to your partner.

If you feel exhausted after dealing with very conflicting and negative people, do not insist or try to convince them of anything. Your health is worth much more than any argument, resent or even win a dispute. Take care of your nerves these days.

Today, you are in a good mood and full of energy. Indeed, you have the energy to work hard on hard questions. You want some and you’re running at full speed! You force admiration around you.

Little explored opportunities open up in your current job and your sense of industriousness will give positive results. You will feel satisfied with what you achieve in your work and the concrete way in which everyday difficulties are resolved.

Do you dread some communication difficulties or some changes that you had not considered? Everything is going very well though. There is no reason to worry, in the days to come.

Money and Luck
Some aspects of your direct Jupiter ruler in your Sagittarius horoscope put you in a privileged position that will help you better plan your money. However, if you wait a few more days you will be facing a very auspicious and even more productive planetary transit once the Mercury retrograde movement that begins tomorrow is over.

You enrich your wealth through intense and unexpected actions. You will spend a lot of energy but the profits will be as important as your efforts so do not save, you can rest in a few days in a well-deserved comfort.

Your lucky numbers are 3, 4, 10, 15, 20.


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