Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 30th May 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 30th May 2019

There is news in your ears that is associated with a business that was somewhat confusing and also with that person that you are interested in and have not heard about for some time. The transit of the Moon in your sign this Thursday is favorable for lovers who have had annoyances, separations or lawsuits because this is a day of loving arrangement.

In a few days you will be traveling so prepare your bags and do not let yourself be enveloped by any negative thoughts that in the end do not take you anywhere. Life goes on in the here and now, do not forget it, Sagittarius.sagittarius daily horoscope today thursday 30th may 2019

Maybe you are doubting the fidelity and loyalty of that person, but inquiring and questioning as if you were a police officer conducting an interrogation every time you talk with the same thing would only make the situation worse. Remember that now you have Jupiter retrograde in the scorpion sign and this movement tends to complicate a bit the sentimental scenarios that you are living.

There are no problems in the astral environment, so it is best to keep the pace you have and if you have had recent health difficulties, an operation, illness or similar condition you are now in a good upward moment. Follow your projects, do not deviate from them.

You return to a previous job and this causes you joy because you know several colleagues and also, the current situation is much more favorable than in the past. Your salary will also experience an increase that will benefit you. As you see, in this case, the changes are not bad, on the contrary!

Money and Luck
Family businesses are well supported, but do not forget to put things in place because if you mix too much your economy with sentimental issues could lose all. Take care of your interests, because if you do not do it, others will not take care of it.

What’s Sagittarius Horoscope Today 30th May 2019?

Love energy level this Thursday: high.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: a brake that will prevent you from making a bad decision.
Dangerous trend of today’s Thursday in your Sagittarius sign: irresponsibly assume a task for which you are not qualified at all.

What should I avoid ?: Misinterpreting the signals that a friend is sending me and confusing friendship with another type of interest.

What’s Sagittarius Love horoscope and couple life Today 30th May 2019?

The best relationship today: this Thursday things go harmoniously with another fire sign like yours, that is, Sagittarius as well as with Aries, and with air Libra and Gemini.
The most tense relationship: confrontations may arise with water signs such as Cancer, and also with Scorpio.

Your current compatibility: generally very good, although there are still difficulties in dealing with water signs.
If you are single: do not worry about an initial refusal, insist and think that many times there are those who say “no” to see the reaction of someone that interests them.

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