Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th August 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 9th August 2018

Your Sagittarian sign is now in what may be called the “inter eclipses cycle”, that is, the one that has started since Monday, with the eclipse of Luna and extends until day 21 with the total eclipse of the Sun.

During these days you will feel somewhat uneasy because you will want to solve in a day what takes more time and also because you will feel pressured to make decisions that require reflection on your part. It is possible that all this is the result of Saturn retrograde in your sign so do not worry because soon the water will recover its level.sagittarius daily horoscope thursday 9th august 2018

Love beats in your heart and you will know very well what you must do or say when you are facing that person who loves you so much your inner Being. Something that happened, and it baffled you, now becomes clear and it will be better than before.

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Health problems that are associated with blood circulation, heart or blood pressure are now in a good time of solutions, arrangements and improvement.

There are good work options in the family field and if you still do not have a job, do not worry because in less time than you think you will have enough resources to start your own business, including commissions and additional tickets.

Money and Luck
The touch of money is coming to your life so take advantage of it and invest in what you have in mind, although I recommend you wait a bit until the eclipse cycle ends and then be clearer in your decisions.