Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 16th February 2021

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 16th February 2021

With the Moon in your sign and the middle of the transit from Mars to the earth element, you are at the ideal time to put everything in perspective, leave stubborn or rigid attitudes behind and seriously propose to make all those changes that will attract love and money to your present. . However, the entry of Mercury retrograde tends to nostalgia going back to a past that you have already lived and it is best to take it as a source of experiences. Once mistakes are recognized and corrected there is nothing to fear or regret.

Discoveries will captivate your imagination so you will spend most of the day at home looking for information. You may not feel like doing anything else, but don’t forget to take a few breaks. You should not only keep your mind active but your body as well.sagittarius daily horoscope 16th february 2021

With the effluvium of Jupiter in aspects with the Moon that moves to your sign, you will recover lost ground. You will make serious commitments that will place you directly in the heart of that loved one. There will be no reason to feel discouraged and the interest you put in this new course that your life takes will lead you to the place you should be.

Sometimes, nothing is enough for an argument to break out in a relationship. Made up of accumulated unspoken or extrapolated pressure, it can evolve if everyone does it a little bit of their own. Not taking a hundred percent of the wrongs for yourself, but knowing how to recognize part of it starts the process of reconciliation/healing. You have to explore this trail, but not only. Far greater than anger, the reciprocity of feelings and shared memories play a role in ensuring that communication is restored as quickly as possible.

You will receive amazing communication. You may find an unusual email in your box. Perhaps an acquaintance has decided to express her love for you. The email from her will be alluring and fun. You will have to choose how to respond to it. Or maybe you get a letter from an ex-girlfriend. Try not to upset your current crush by showing her such messages!

Your Sagittarius sign is now in the middle of a vital reassessment. Always set aside a few minutes for your exercises since movement is as important to your life as food, rest, and activity in general.

Good news for the natives of the sign: the Sun, symbol of life and will, thanks to you for its positive influence today! As a result, you feel light and in a mood that could not be more dashing. Take this opportunity to meet new people, please your loved ones, and position yourself above the uproar that could reign in your family or professional circle. Today nothing can reach you and the world is yours!

Perhaps today you will reap the fruits of new ventures in which you spent a lot of time perfecting them. Maybe it’s writing, speeches, or posts. Success seems to be in the air, and those in authority may be impressed by what you are trying to achieve. Snatch the ring right now, take advantage of this opportunity because it may be a long time before another shows up. Up and on!

Soon you will make a profit in a new position that will suit you like a glove. A happy stage is coming for housewives and those who work from home because the Mars energy is conducive in that sense.

Are you juggling two roles at work? You are probably so capable at what you do that your superiors expect too much of you – and your pride does not allow you to complain. Consequently, you may be thinking of doing something else – a job that allows you to move at your own pace. This might be the right thing to do, but this is not the day to decide. Think about it first.

Money and Luck
Several propositions will emerge. Analyze the options, choose those that you really want and not those that you feel forced to do by social or external family pressure. Sagittarius Luck Today

Certain revealing conversations with friends or relatives can trigger traumatic memories of the past that you have suppressed. This could explain a lot of obstacles that have come your way in recent times, allow you to release those emotions and overcome problems. Once this happens, there will be no limits for you! Your personal strength and self-confidence will be stronger than ever. Succeed!

Your generosity and your desire to satisfy your loved ones push you to make unforeseen and excessive expenses. Nothing serious: your pockets are not yet holed! In return, you will have all the trouble in the world to restore your account to balance. It will take patience and self-sacrifice, but you will get it. At work, a burst of pride wouldn’t hurt you! Stop being trampled by your competitors and defend yourself before losing great opportunities.

Family and Friends
After a long day at work, your colleagues invite you to an after work. You will not regret it. While all together forging unforgettable memories, you discover a different side of these people you meet every day. They are now your friends and you trust them completely. You enjoy a warm and dancing atmosphere. As you decompress, and electrical energy spreads through you. A wave of well-being invades you as the evening unfolds.

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