Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th November 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 20th November 2018

This Tuesday you tend to be with your head dreaming, fantasizing, living in a world outside of your reality which could cause you problems if you get distracted by your work and forget something important. It is vital that you do not get dazed and put everything in your place, especially if you are moving this day. Mercury will advise you to give a little more freedom to your loved ones and to be an accomplice of your children. Strive to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere at home by seeking to round the corners in all circumstances.

Pay attention to your dreams, hunches and signals that you receive because everything is possible in this cycle in which you have your regent Jupiter, direct and a good cosmic influence as the beginning of your birthday cycle approaches in a couple of days . Place your trust in the planet Mercury. It will help you to gradually get out of your shell. You will feel more relaxed in your relationships with others. This planet will also help you overcome your susceptibility, which often motivates your reactions. Your general behavior will be affected: having less the impression of being threatened, you will be more conciliatory, less aggressive, more diplomatic and more persuasive.

A sense of humor is essential to maintain a good relationship. The constant complaints, fights and complaints frighten your partner. Then do not say that they left you alone, or alone. Review what you are doing and take steps to improve what is on your side to improve. Fortunately your sign is characterized by that optimistic touch that you know how to give to everything. If you live in a relationship, this day may not be easy. Given the position of the stars, your spouse will have little effect, while on the contrary the new encounters will plunge you into an emotion difficult to control! Singles, important changes could intervene in your love life under the coercive action of Pluto. For some of you, a breakup will shake up your life. For others, a loving friendship will gain importance. In any case, it would be futile to expect a flat calm.

It is time to regiment and live with more harmony during these days especially with so many activities of copious dinners giving you laps and social parties around you. This does not mean that you refrain from enjoying yourself without doing it properly so that you do not get complicated the next morning. It is imperative that you know how to rest and relax when necessary. Of course, you enjoy a generally good health, but you have some weak points, which may cause you trouble if you exaggerate.

If your activities are developed in your home, whether for a company, the Internet or as a housewife or domestic employee, this day you receive encouragement from those around you and at the end of your day you will be extremely happy and full. That life will look beautiful to you! Normal, since you will succeed whatever you undertake. Your professional situation will be booming, and you will be able to access an enviable position.

Money and Luck
Due to the transit of the Moon by your sign tend to be somewhat distracted and leave your credit card somewhere or some bag with money or important papers. Your economy is in an interesting turn, but you must better protect your interests and act at all times with your head on your shoulders. Venus being a planet by nature beneficial, it will protect you and you will avoid significant financial difficulties. But beware of Pluto: you may have to spend more than planned to equip the house or please family members. Beware, you will exceed your budget even before you are noticed! Watch your accounts closely and postpone purchases that are not needed.

By Mary Emma

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