Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

It is a day when others will surprise you with their feelings, it is as if everyone is more connected to them than you. Still you can learn a lot from the experience and grow with it. At work things are still intense and without much change or opportunity to stand out.

The Moon is very strong in the sign of Cancer, so everyone will be expressing their emotions with great intensity, some in an appropriate way and others not. You have to have a lot of patience for those who do not handle this ability that we all have well.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today T...
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

With the Moon in the sign of Cancer, your partner will be very sensitive on this day. This is not bad, you just have to be very empathetic and connect with her from the heart. By doing this you can reap significant benefits and make the evening worthwhile. Remember, do not take things as personal attacks, rather analyze and feel why you are saying what you are saying in order to connect to the emotion that provokes it.

Just be careful, because with this planet the energy is like on a roller coaster: sometimes up, sometimes down. If you receive money unexpectedly, try to save it and not trust that you will always have it. You have to flow with the day and not take the reactions of another personally, everyone is very sensitive, including you.

Your relations with your parents will be pleasant and easy. If you have young children, they will give you a lot of satisfaction. If your kids are grown, they’ll be in great shape, and it’s possible that one of them will announce their upcoming wedding!

Venus rules the search for love and on this day she is in contact with the Part of Fortune which can give the opportunity for unexpected romantic encounters. Mars is the ruler of your 5th house and currently he is without much strength in the sign of Virgo, all of them in the 9th house, abroad. So there could be an opportunity to take a trip and meet someone special or meet someone who comes from another country and have a very special encounter.

The routine in the life of your couple, you will start to get tired of it a little. You will prefer to tease your partner, even at the risk of exasperating him, rather than letting him fall asleep in the hum of a married life without fuss and without surprises. Why not consider pursuing an exciting hobby together? Single, a romantic adventure will undoubtedly have muddled developments, and you will not yet be able to make your final choice. But in any case, you really won’t have to complain about the heart.

On this day you may not feel quite well and feel that your defenses are low. The Moon sensitizes you excessively and can cause diseases such as colds or conventional flu. Accumulation and retention of fluids can also be an issue on this day. So take good care of your water intake and try to maintain a healthy diet with diuretics like pineapple to release what the body does not need.

With the positive planets Venus and Pluto in charge of the health sectors of your chart, you will not lack joy in life or resistance. In principle, you will carry yourself like a charm. That said, be aware that Neptune in an uncomfortable position could cause some of you digestion or blood circulation problems, rather negligible problems by the way. Some natives could suffer from small gynecological problems without any seriousness.

At work things have been intense, a lot of work and little recognition. There are always new things to attend to when you haven’t finished what you were doing first. You have to be very patient on this day. The North Node in the 6th house of repetitive work increases your workload and makes it seem like things are out of control while Mercury, the ruler of your 10th house of professional recognition, is just coming out of his encounter with the Sun so it is weakened. So you have to have a lot of patience and hands to work.

Although you are almost always on the go, this day will find you even busier than usual. You will not hesitate to work overtime. And even worse: if you’re on vacation, you’ll be looking for a paid job there, unless you’ve already taken a pile of files with you. How will you be able to find the time to live in these conditions?

Money and Luck
This period has been demanding since you have needed to have a lot of discipline in finances. You usually have a generous and carefree attitude towards spending since whenever you gave, you knew that the Universe would give you more. But in this period you have gone through certain situations in which it seems that the well of prosperity has dried up. A very interesting opportunity comes on this day. Pluto is the planet of wealth so you may have an opportunity to make a lot of money on the spur of the moment.

This day, relatively calm, will be marked above all by the need to put your finances in order, to accumulate goods and to ensure your future materially. However, avoid letting go of the prey for the shade and mortgaging the present under the pretext of ensuring your old age.

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