Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 14th October 2020

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 14th October 2020

Your ruler, Jupiter, is in a wonderful sextile with the Sun this full moon weekend in October. The planetary aspect of this Wednesday helps you have mental and emotional clarity to make important, wise, and measured decisions. It is not always easy to decide when you have to choose between your heart and your head, but in matters of money, you must be very careful and not let yourself be carried away by emotional impulses or materialism. Luck accompanies you in this planetary cycle and with a constructive and open conversation, many problems will be solved.

Today you will play a key role in an important negotiation. Your listening skills, your sense of synthesis, and discernment will be greatly used and will hit the mark. You will be faced with hotly discussed thorny issues. But you will very quickly have an almost referee position which will then earn you the recognition of the various stakeholders.sagittarius daily horoscope 14th october 2020

You start a cycle full of possibilities, illusions, and hopes. It is your stage of great conquests, of sentimental and emotional reaffirmation with the one you love, and also of happy decisions. Where there was fire, ashes remain, you’ll see. The complementarily of Jupiter acts positively on you and you live a complicit relationship based on balance.

You want to devote yourself to reading today. Your favorite subjects are distant destinies. You’ll want to jump on a plane to see them in situ. It inspires you and prompts you to think about some travel plans. Relationships with others, in particular, lovers and relatives, are looking good. Communications will prove to be fruitful in your intimate life! A trip in itself!

Better than a couple, you form a team, able to face the worries of everyday life with solidarity. Single, you are looking for a soul mate while suffering from the Narcissus complex. You like your reflection and want to detect qualities that are unique to you in the other. Beware of this personality flaw because by wanting to flirt too much with your double, you may also find some of your faults in him. And you are not without it, whatever you think!

What great prospects for today! Your relationships with the man in your life will be mainly based on trust and complicity. Both of you need harmony and relaxation, and you will do your utmost to minimize the risk of conflict by openly discussing all issues, including the most intimate ones. Singles, get ready for a great ending – very positive! – towards the end of the day.

There are good cosmic influences in your sign that will help you a lot to find solutions to your health problems without having to spend too much. The more you organize and live healthily, the better you will feel. Avoid refried foods. Remember to protect yourself against overwork by a fair distribution between work and leisure, ensuring that your rest times are not monopolized by tiring activities. You are naturally overflowing with energy, but today you could cross the 100-meter line in less than 10 seconds! So try to slow down a bit, as you may stun your loved ones, especially if they want to rest. If inaction frustrates you, grab the lawnmower or go up to the roof and fix some tiles. It’s a way like any other to make yourself useful while respecting the peace of others!

Your tone is up sharply, as is your resistance to external aggressions. You can approach this day with serenity. In order not to drop your energy stock, take care to act before you get sick. Do not ignore hand washing before and after meals, continue your efforts towards a healthier diet, ventilate your interior every day, and do not stay confined to your home. The scrupulous monitoring of these habits should allow you to maintain an effective and efficient immune system.

There are good planetary influences in your horoscope that will allow you to successfully carry out a backlog of work that you have been storing for several days. Review your files and organize them well. The negative planetary aspects of the day will thwart the success of your projects and block the road to your career, the progress of which will mark a pause. Many obstacles will stand in your way, and you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to overcome them. Complicated negotiations will require patience and caution. But don’t worry too much: eventually things will get better.

You might find yourself playing a teaching role today. Your children are hungry for knowledge; they may also have trouble doing their homework … Help them progress and learn their lessons. You might as well teach a skill or skill to an adult, possibly as part of your job. Or it is your spouse who wants to undertake studies on a subject that interests him. Share your experience widely!

Money and Luck
With the coming full moon of October this Sunday, prosperity unconventionally arrives at your doors. In a premonitory dream, signs about numbers or other coincidences arise that will help you find economic solutions on a trip. With Neptune, the lucky planet, in this aspect you can expect to enjoy solid financial protection. Trust your lucky star, she will not let you go. To the point that your income could even increase without you having made the slightest effort for it! Sagittarius Luck Today

Right now, it’s more a question of opening up your creativity to the maximum. Having enough to live on is of course important, but not that it becomes the main concern of your life. You also have things to do on your own that are not necessarily “profitable”, at least perhaps not at first. This day is perfect to remember.

The Moon pushes the natives of your sign to lose interest in their careers. If you are unemployed, you would rather focus on your family and raising your children for now. This is not final, when the time comes, you will return to the office. In-office, your active life does not matter. Your repeated delays are starting to make people talk. In private, you go out a lot to indulge your passions. You have lost your motivation and given up on your professional goals. Get back on your feet before you lose your job.

Family and Friends
Your friends and family circle could be a real source of stress today. Pay special attention to your family, who will tend to ask a little too much of you. If you do not feel able to meet their expectations, it is better to postpone until tomorrow rather than risk a disaster.

Indeed, the influence of the Moon in your sky indicates a need for intimacy as well as difficulties of concentration. Take a break, refocus on yourself, your loved ones will understand. Neptune and Pluto, who are influencing your family life at the moment, will create a somewhat hectic atmosphere in you. Fortunately, these two planets will hardly form any harmful configurations, which should save you from arguments and other difficulties.

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