Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Your long-distance relationship is running out. Everyone camps in his professional positions to refuse the sacrifice of coming to live with the other. As you get older, your vision changes, your goals are different and that’s normal.

Do not be afraid to approach this topic again with your partner, the time has also passed for him. Single people will have an opportunity to start a relationship in the next few hours. Should we dive into the big bath or wait a little longer? The decision is yours.

A slight decrease in your cholesterol levels could weaken you a bit. Especially if you are the first decan. The good news? The small physical problems related to food are a good excuse to taste delicious dishes (in moderate quantities of course).

In your case, privilege meals rich in lipids and specifically omega 3 will do you the greatest good. For example, a fresh breakfast smoothie made with kiwi, orange and strawberries will be a good idea to start your day.

Money and Luck
This aspect of Jupiter makes your bluff. Sometimes a little lie can be beneficial because it can open up inaccessible doors. Unfortunately, in your case, your fault will be exposed quickly and you will pay a heavy price.

Did you lie about your CV, your tax office or your boss? Ouch, here you are “grilled”, in the broad sense of the word. Your professional network is not long in discovering your deception, you will pay for a tax adjustment or even the loss of your job.

Family and Friends
Family life is rather nice. Thanks to your surroundings, you will be revitalized. For natives of the second decan, you need your family by your side and a lot of love. Whether your children, your spouse or your friends, they will provide you with comfort and hugs requested.

Do not feel guilty for sometimes having moments where you feel socially weaker. Take this well-deserved rest with your loved ones next to you and your morale will be much better.

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