Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

The spontaneous and philosophical quality of your Sagittarius sign reinforced by the lunar transit of today will be the key to your reconciliation and sentimental stability if there were problems in your sentimental life. You will know how to forgive a past offense and yield to the force of love.

You do not have to be alone when happiness is at your fingertips. Cheer up and fight for yours. You will have in your hands options that you must take full advantage to carry out your affairs. This is your day, the moment of eternity in which your dreams come true! Live it!

Attention, Sagittarius. An unexpected encounter in a public place can put you again in front of a romance of the past and evoke in you happy scenes of other times. If you are single, it will be a good opportunity to try that relationship again and reactivate it. Mercury will remind you that in love, the first impression is almost always the good one. It is not impossible that a matter of heart starts today at an unexpected meeting. You will have the impression of mastering the situation perfectly. Do you still say that love often defies the wisest resolutions, and that “reason is not what rules love”.

Do some type of activity outside the house where you exercise your muscles. Your health will benefit greatly from that provision on Wednesday and you will get better results in a short time, much more than with pills or painkillers. You will still need calcium for a long time. Do not neglect foods rich in this element. Eat lean yogurt, light cheese. Try cottage cheese, lightly salted, which contains only 5% fat.

Sagittarian enthusiasm will allow you to come out very well from a stagnant situation that seemed to have no solution. Fortunately the circumstances are turning in a positive direction towards you and soon there will be very good news about it. You will be under the good influences of Jupiter. You are advised to take advantage of these good impulses to launch an important business, to take initiatives, to take steps. Your chances of success will be much better than at other times.

Money and Luck
Do not let emotions influence your practical decisions. Your sign is able to put your feet on the ground when you set your mind to it. Nothing to be inventing hasty and little studied things with your resources. Watch out for excessive expenses! Listen to your spouse’s caution and, if necessary, let him hold the purse strings. Otherwise, you may soon have very bad surprises.

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