Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 5th September 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 5th September 2018

Do not make any decision in moments of great joy, or sadness, because later you would regret it. Live with fewer worries and more joy, in the best style of your Sagittarian sign. Lean on what unites you to your partner and do not dig in the past because if an unpleasant situation ended and the differences were settled and clarified do not insist on sad issues and return to evoke something happily overcome.

Use this Wednesday and the weekend to catch up with yourself, review your projects from last month and review what you have done related to your health. You’re still in time to make mistakes. The transit of the Moon in a water sign accentuates your sixth sense.sagittarius daily horoscope today wednesday 5th september 2018

Do not be guided by assumptions and if you are going to enter into sentimental clarifications with your partner think before speaking. Many times we make errors of judgment for letting ourselves be driven by an impulse and then we realize the disorder caused.

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It is not a bad idea to combine a practical activity such as mowing the lawn, for example, with a healthy exercise. You can have fun, exercise and strengthen your health if you take advantage of your Wednesday in a rational way and get up earlier. Energize yourself, now that you have the direct action of Jupiter your ruler, and of Saturn that is in your sign, also direct.

There are no labor complications in your horoscope, but a more concrete and firm attitude is required to demand your rights and not let them abuse your good disposition. Do your job, but not someone else’s. Everyone must do their thing.

Money and Luck
There are good economic prospects if they have proposed a trip or a business that has to do with purchases and sales. On the other hand, if you are unemployed you will receive pleasant news from a close member of your family.