Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th December 2020

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 9th December 2020

With Mercury in your sign and the combination with Jupiter, your direct ruler, your sentimental landscape is in a highly dynamic tone. The answer you’ve been waiting for comes at the best time and you start to see solutions where you saw problems before. The tide turns towards you and with the good planetary effluvia that you are experiencing at the moment from the direct transit of your ruler, the planet Jupiter, there will be long-awaited answers, both in your love life, sentimental and economic. In general, things that happen will be in a fast and satisfactory way.

Circumstances favor you at this time, therefore you should not give up that advantageous position. Don’t make hasty decisions. When it comes to sentimental matters, don’t act like you don’t have an opinion. It is time to take the reins. Enforce your will so that others know that things are serious.sagittarius daily horoscope 9th december 2020

Apply your Sagittarius philosophy of life to this day. Be careful with doubts about love because whoever begins to doubt it ends up doubting everything! Remember that it is better to be fooled a thousand times than to lose confidence in humanity. Enjoy your birthday cycle with the ease and spontaneity that characterize you. You could be tense in the morning before the expectations of certain changes in your life, but if you unload that nervous energy in some type of physical activity you will see that you recover soon and reestablish the lost health. The day could have some big surprises in store for you. The stars adopt an extremely favorable position for the sustainability of your sentimental relationships. If you are in a relationship, your partner is likely to want to mark their commitment to you and will be able to make a statement to you that you did not expect. Singles are in the throes of having a meeting that will not leave them indifferent and which could create in them the desire to indulge in some confidences.

Love Energy Level this Wednesday: strong.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: a premonition that will help you get in touch with a certain person that you have not forgotten. Today’s dangerous trend in your Sagittarius sign: dismissing your hunches What should I avoid?: pressure to do something that you are not sure.

Telephone calls to that person you are so interested in seem to hit a brick wall, as you may not be able to find him. You could receive money in the mail, although perhaps not today. Today could be a day full of frustrations, but the night should more than makeup for it. Love and romantic affairs look fantastic right now – today is a wonderful day to schedule a night alone with your partner. Have fun!

This is an exciting day. You will have many tasks in front of you and you will want to solve them all simultaneously, but that is not possible. Set aside a couple of hours to draw up a more dynamic work strategy so that you will not be anxious about the accumulation of things that are presented with the transit of Mercury through your sign from today.

Do not judge someone who has a different lifestyle than what you think is appropriate. You probably lean towards traditionalism. However, not everyone thinks the same about relationships, jobs, and all lifestyles. While this may seem impossible to understand and may even scare you, try not to be so harsh on people you consider strangers. You would be better off using that energy to keep your own life on track.

In the professional field, the day will start quietly but will end on a rather unpleasant note for the natives of the sign: conflict with a colleague, incident which occurs a few minutes before leaving the office, a technical problem which makes you waste time … It will probably only be a slight setback, but it will be enough to give you the drone. You will have to make sure to leave it aside when leaving work at the risk of having a bad evening.

Family and Friends
Friends of my friends are my friends. Really? The relationships you have with some of your relatives can cast doubt on the lucidity of this adage! Under the influence of Mars, you let jealousy get the better of you more and more… to the point of feeling this feeling towards the close relations of your friends, whom you know very little about. Learn to control your emotions, both positive and negative, so that you don’t fall into a form of addiction or friendly jealousy.

Money and Luck
You will be presented with great opportunities to buy something for a bargain price and you will save a lot of money in that negotiation. There will be prosperity soon, Sagittarius. Sagittarius Luck Today

Today is an excellent day to set new goals. When was the last time you did it? Many think that the right time to make resolutions or set new goals is New Year’s Day or birthday, but in reality, it can be done at any time. In fact, it is advisable to frequently renew, rename, and reformulate ambitions, because life constantly changes circumstances. Take a pencil and paper and write down your ideas to remember later.

You are good at improving yourself, and if asked, you never hesitate to share your latest theories about physical and emotional health. There’s probably a pile of vitamin jars on your desk and articles on staying in shape tucked away in the drawer. Today there will be someone from your environment who will appreciate your advice on the subject. Perhaps you can advise a good therapist, doctor, or practitioner.

Following a stupid fall, you are temporarily forced to slow down your hellish pace. Don’t worry too much since Pluto has plenty of great ideas to occupy your mind while you recover. Play with your friends on social networks. Rent good DVDs to watch as a family. Read the latest book from the Dalaïlama. This little evil will be erased in favor of good. This involuntary immobility will force your neurons to focus on one subject at a time.

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