Sagittarius | Friday, August 2, 2019, | Daily Horoscope

During this current period of August, just starting your Sagittarius sign, it is very clear when it comes to establishing new relationships, which is very important to avoid misinterpretations, particularly during the retrograde transit of Mercury.

Now that the Moon is in a sign of fire, which is your element, communication channels are opened between you and others. If you don’t like something in your partner, let it happen and wait for the best time to talk intimately. There is a journey on the way that will be profitable from the economic point of view, take advantage of all the invitations you receive, and you will not regret it, Sagittarius.

Your emotional life is wrapped in a different tone that will help you forget and forgive certain things that impeded your happiness and move decisively towards your emotional future, in a stable way.

Good day for aerobic exercises like riding a bike, running, walking or jogging. Any activity that stimulates your circulatory system and tones your muscles is extremely well sponsored at this time.

Act decisively, Sagittarius. Fulfill your normal obligations and do not worry at all about the comments and rumors that reach your ears from very emotionally unstable coworkers who only think of the worst.

Money and Luck
A hunch allows you to approach a place where there are money and possibilities to improve your economic situation. Follow your intuition because this is a day to combine logic with your premonitions and increase your income.

The arrival of August will be full of surprises for you, good friend Sagittarius. Your horoscope and tarot of this Friday, August 2, 2019, present us with some major special arcana.

Surprises are coming in the sentimental plane that will fill you with happiness, fill yourself with excitement because the occasion deserves it. Get ready to live a beautiful love story worthy of the best movies.

The Sagittarius astral house is characterized by being one of the most sociable of the zodiac but it is true that their natural independence makes them a sign that needs their own space.

Sagittarius is the philosopher of the zodiac par excellence, they need to take refuge and carry out long meditations that will give them the spiritual peace they need.

It is also a sign that does not suffer loneliness but rather is able to taste it and take advantage of it for its own benefit.

The tarot gives us today the archetype “The Hermit” as a reflection of this peculiarity of the nature of Sagittarius men and women.

What to do if a Sagittarius man wants to make you jealous
When we think that a man from the Sagittarius horoscope wants to make us jealous, concerns arise about what we should do to remedy the situation.

Today we offer you the guidelines you need to know so that the mission becomes a success.

Get tough. A Sagittarian will not be able to resist seeing you remain indifferent despite his attempt to provoke jealousy in you, he will not endure it and will immediately fall at your feet.

Do not try to play the same game. As a good sign of fire Sagittarius will not like to feel jealous and may lose interest in you.

The tarot offers you the archetypes “The High Priestess” and “The Sun” as a prediction that if you follow our advice you will get the situation to your ground.

What to do if a Sagittarius woman wants to make you jealous
Do you feel that Sagittarius woman wants to make you jealous? Do you want to know what to do in this circumstance? You are in the right place!

Sagittarians are very reserved women when it comes to showing their emotions, so it is usually customary for them to try to get the attention of the person they are interested in instead of going straight to seduce them.

It is the perfect opportunity for you to launch your conquest, he will not be able to resist you when he observes the interest you show in her and will begin to let her feelings come to light.

The tarot offers you this August 2, 2019, the archetypes “The Wheel of Fortune” and “The Emperor.”

This combination of letters reflects that Sagittarians are at the right time to find love.


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