Sagittarius Health Horoscope Today

Sagittarius Health Horoscope predictions Today

Your attitude towards life will be decisive in helping you to conceive effective health plans that allow you to improve your chronic illness and live with them, without regrets, and putting them to one side of your life.

Strong and vigorous, active and athletic, here we have the perfect, courageous and enthusiastic Sagittarius. With an enviable resistance and an unlimited stress-proof heart, the Sagittarius are a source of health for him and able to pass any test.sagittarius health today

But Sagittarius wears off completely, annihilates to the maximum, if it does not stop something or someone in his life. Fully active, fast to the point of exaggeration, our Sagittarius friends can continue to falter and do so, inadvertently, falling like dry leaves when they no longer have reserves, when they have burned the last ounce of energy.

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The image that represents it is the centaur: half horse, half human. The human side looks up, tense the bow and points with the arrow (upwards). This image represents the search for Knowledge of the sign.

Let’s say that Sagittarius is loaded with good intentions, is a motivated person and likes to expand before others as a good sign of fire.

In this way he will carry out his enthusiastic, protective, valuing aspect of the good, of the positive sense, he will not be a man of little faith, but on the contrary, he is a person of faith, of what is usually said in good faith. We would have here the sports coach or the teacher, understand how you want.

If the individual is not well attuned to his inner being, he may be branded as heavy and burdened, everything will sound to established norms and without inner strength, but with a faith in this case blind in itself.

It should be borne in mind that Sagittarius is a sign of fire and that like any of the other two Leo and Aries, they focus on their own individuality, the basic development is of the Being itself using the function of Intuition. The Sagittarian heat is the softest of the fire signs, it is the one that lets you nearer, your hands almost caress their fire, as when a fire has lost its splendor, but the embers remain, it is time to be able to approach he.
Sagittarius and Health: its weaknesses of Sagittarius

Particularly important are the problems of the lower back: hips, lumbars, sciatica, etc.
As a sign opposite to Gemini, it can also tend to respiratory problems.
His complexion is usually strong and may have a tendency to gain weight.
Recommended therapies for the health of Sagittarius

Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and any therapy that will help you in your tendency to have musculoskeletal problems.

The ideal would also be to learn to correct and adopt a good body posture. For it methods like Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, etc. Can be of great help to you.
Acupuncture can also help you with those bone and muscle problems.
The physical exercise for the health of Sagittarius

Physical exercise, in general, works very well for Sagittarius because it calms your nervous system, helps you breathe better (as opposed to Gemini, the respiratory system is a weak point) and eliminate toxins. The ideal is a sport that relaxes you, helps you oxygenate and does not create more tension; Such as cycling, walking, etc.
Phytotherapy for the health of Sagittarius

Herbal medicine will help with medicinal plants for pain, respiratory, relaxing, etc. In your herbalist will prepare a mixture suitable to the particular case of each and tell you the dose and how to use.
Sagittarius and Flower Essences or Bach Essences

Oak or Oak: you can do well to recognize your own limits of resistance.
Vervain or Verbena: so that you can bring them moderation in their judgments when they involve too much to carry out their goals.
Heather: For when they have that need to surround themselves with people and they feel bad when they are alone.

This year will be ideal for correcting your eating habits and balance your diet. As well as avoid fast foods and incorporate brown rice, fish, almonds, lentils, vegetables and fruit juices to your meals.

Yoga or tai chi will be other good alternatives; Improve physical fitness and breathing, provide increased elasticity and increase elongation. Performing an activity that pleases you will be an optimal way to clear your worries and prevent nervous disorders, you will feel more relaxed and happy.

They will become aware of the intimate bond between the body and emotional states, which will allow them to advance in the path of integral and harmonious development.

They will begin a stage of recovery, in which the most benevolent of the planets will give them vitality, strength and much joy. Sagittarius will be reborn as the phoenix and begin to make all kinds of aesthetic treatment and diets to recover the figure.

Sagittarius health will generally be good, but it is important that they do their best to maintain it, avoiding anxieties and binges.