Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017, Don’t pretend love

Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Sunday April 16, 2017 Be always sincere! Do not pretend love

A good time to have commercial agreements that allow you to save money, do not miss the opportunity to make deals with people who are dedicated to the same as you, a little competition never hurts anyone.

It will not be something immediate that happens to you with that person, but you could always try to know him more, who knows, it could be who you were waiting for so long.

Do not wait too long to make an important decision at work, remember that you should always look for ways to move forward and be better at what you do.

A person who has seen you in images through a dearly loved and appreciated friendship for you is generating interest in knowing you, it is probable that the person who is your friend or friend is beginning to plot a plan to bring them together and present them.
Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017 Today’s lucky numbers: 9, 14, 21, 33, 37, 49.

Today, Sunday, April 16, the planet of love, Venus, enters directly into the sign of Pisces, do not miss the explanatory note! Words go to the heart, when they come out of the heart. If you do not feel something, better shut up and do not say it, there is nothing more pathetic than pretending love. Intuition should be your guide on this day. You will discover many things that until now were out of your knowledge and that will give you money. Be wise because you are somewhat anxious and could embark on a relationship with someone you do not even know well. Do not compromise yourself before exploring that person’s desires and intentions.

Sagittarius Love, Health, Wealth, Family and Money Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017

Good day in love. If you have a partner you will enjoy a day full of affection and complicity. If you are alone, you will find someone interesting. The Moon is still in transit for your sign Sagittarius. Today the retrograde movement of Venus ends. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. Do not waste time, get back in touch with that person, forgive any misunderstanding that has occurred between them and give yourself the possibility of being happy. The Moon in your sign will give you the opportunity to regain a lost friendship.

Today there may be a deterioration in your state of greeting or encouragement. Rest and recover. The planetary transits present favor the regenerative aspects. If you are operated on, or are planning to do so, you are on a favorable cycle to do so. The astral positions of today augur the best.

You will be in a bad mood due to the bad environment in your work. Switch chip. Now what you should NOT do is download with the first one you find. Mistakes can arise in the middle of your workday and become somewhat discouraged in that regard. Do not kill yourself, everything will happily happen and you will make up for lost time.

Money and Luck
You will have good fortune and you will feel comfortable with your winnings. It is time to plan everything carefully as it will now be useful in the near future. In a few days he will give you cash. Chance also presents a possibility of profit, follow your hunch.

Go out and relate. You are not very well today and you know that friends have the quality of being happy and changing your ideas. Have fun!

Your family is your best support and today you will feel close to them. Make a special dinner to talk about your things and clarify your doubts. It will comfort you.

You will have to make a very important decision for your finances. Do not act impulsively.

Do not reason too much, let yourself be guided by your intuition in situations that are not of the utmost importance.

Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope Monday April 17, 2017

Someone has been watching you from a distance, it could be someone who wants to form something with you, knows you enough to get something more to your side, it is important that you know that this person always wants to approach you otherwise, but always You thought it was something related to an educated treatment on your part.

It is a good day to start making decisions regarding a long trip that you want to realize, always remember that life is something done to be lived in a good way, if you will always be with the cowardice and the comfort of staying in it Place your whole life, then it is better that you do not even think about the possibility of making a crossing of these characteristics, think well what you will do.

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