Sagittarius Horoscope Today Predictions 20 April 2017

You do not have to spend money in a gym to keep you in shape, you can always go out and play sports in the nearest park.

A very nice moment between your parents and you will happen today, take advantage of this, if they are no longer with you then they will come to your mind and you will remember them as they deserve, drink a bottle of wine with your brothers today , If you do not have siblings, then make a visit to your parents in the place of rest, it will be something very beautiful to do.

You have to be with a lot more energy in the mornings, so if you have to do an exercise routine to get this, I suggest you start from today.

You do not have to be afraid to love again, even though the love you had in the past ended badly, it is likely that the new person who comes to your life will be there to stay, never know how the encounter will happen , The only thing certain is that it will happen very soon.

It is time to move resolutely towards happiness without letting yourself be influenced by anything negative that reaches your ears, Sagittarius. Do not let the idea of ​​jealousy or doubts about possible infidelities overshadow your joy or cause you to be upset. All these thoughts now arise with the retrograde transit of two important planets that influence your sign. However, if you take it on the positive side, you will notice that they act as brakes to prevent you from making mistakes and repeating something badly done in the past. By learning the lessons of life everything will work out better.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today Predictions 20 April 2017 Love, Work and Health

Today Thursday the Moon travels by the sign of Aquarius and begins to rule the sign of Taurus at 21:28 hours – universal time. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde. This astral landscape tends to cause certain states of anxiety, Sagittarian. Do not get impatient or nervous if something unexpected happens by the end of the day because it will finally be good for you.

The cosmic dynamic that surrounds you is particularly positive for your health because with the planetary positions existing at the beginning of a new zodiac sign on this earth element today, situations that were causing stress are consolidated.

Avoid the impatience when delivering a job because you could end up doing something wrong that you will have to repeat. The main thing at all times is that you do not lose your concentration because you are doing other things that are foreign to your work activity.

Money and Luck
Be wise and listen to advice and recommendations from those who have been in business for more than you. Many times what initially seemed complicated is facilitated, the important thing is to always keep a constant rhythm throughout.

Sagittarius Today’s lucky numbers: 7, 20, 22, 30, 42, 47.

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