Sagittarius Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel mystical, you may be disconcerted by the mystical thoughts that haunt your mind, and you want to show that there is more to life than meets the eye. But don’t worry, Jupiter is about the edges of the future, and in Pisces, you experience life like a dream.

Relationships with people in positions of power and authority, large organizations, and companies should be going well by now, and you can make a great impression with your superiors. Since Pluto also rules elimination, you can use this transit to clean up clutter in your environment, even the sentimental one. It is the energy of the Sun trine Pluto.


If you try to harass your partner it will disappear. Never mention engagement or marriage because you will drive her away. Do not be boring, wanting to stay at home all the time, because they will leave you, you must give them their space. It is the energy of Venus trine Saturn.

Personal or professional problems can also be solved more easily now. You can also take on a leadership role in your career and in social groups, where the ability to make positive changes will give you credit and improve your self-esteem. It is the energy generated by the Sun trine Pluto.


With Venus in Gemini you can end up traveling a lot and finding love wherever you go. You could be quite childish in your approach to love, but you have a lot of charm. With this aspect you must be prepared, because you will be analyzing every little thing in your loved one.


At the moment the sign of Taurus is passing through your 6th house, and Taurus visit the doctor frequently for two problems that recur over and over again: sore throats and otitis. The throat of a Taurus can be their greatest weakness and strength because, although they give them a hard time from time to time, it can also give them great joy.


The passage of Taurus in your 6th house makes you constant, patient and a fighter. In addition, you like to earn every penny of your salary, giving your best and being honest in your work. As a boss you will be very tough, because you haven’t gotten to where you are for free, if not earning the position by hand and with a lot of effort.

Money and Luck What Capricorn likes least is debt, and you have Capricorn in your house 2. So, you will be accommodating your purchases according to your budget and if you have to go into debt, you will do it for something worthwhile, like studies, raising children or a house, but always trying to pay in short installments.