Sagittarius in 2019

Sagittarius in 2019 | Horoscope and Predictions of full Year

People born under this zodiac sign, which is ruled by Jupiter, are often ambitious and self-reliant. Your optimism and calm personality help us deal with the most difficult situations. The stars clearly show that the Sagittarius horoscope for 2019 will be successful. Not just career. People who were looking for companionship of the opposite gender also have something to look forward to.

The beginning of 2019 will revolve mainly around the professional life of Sagittarius. Thanks to the positive energy of this period, you will not lack interesting ideas. Do not be afraid to share them with your colleagues and superiors. When it comes to relationships, January will be quite lonely. Instead of pretending to be someone else in public, you prefer to educate yourself. With reading, for example.sagittarius horoscope in 2019

With the arrival of spring, Sagittarius can, according to the horoscope, wait for the positive influence of Mercury on Gemini. This will give you, for example, high verbal abilities. You will not lack vocabulary or trust. This can be used both in career and personal life. Those who are single will have no problem making contacts with the opposite sex. You can wait for an active period, full of adventure, romance and even passion.

The summer of 2019 will surely end in the blink of an eye. Sagittarius wait for action on all fronts. You have a lot of energy, so you will not have any problem with minor obstacles at work or disagreements in relationships. You will handle all the issues. The horoscope advises you to spend your free time doing sports, during these months you can achieve the best results.

In autumn, you will feel a strong influence of Venus in Virgo. This placement of planets promises keen senses, but also kindness and courtesy in relationships. Long-term relationships will thrive and new ones will also do well. The bonds that will be created, especially in September 2019, will be very strong and can last a lifetime. When it comes to career, the horoscope recommends not relaxing your efforts, even when the motivation is ending. You will find that if you are persistent, you will soon reap the fruits of your effort. All Sagittarius should also be careful about minor injuries.

The end of 2019 is near and you finally have your goals at your fingertips. After that, the events around you will begin to calm down, so Sagittarius will have some time for itself. Appropriate activities include last year’s assessment and also education. Do not forget your family too. It is always good to show your family members how much you really like them.

The best thing in 2019 will be money, how happy, cheerful and optimistic you will feel, creativity, fun, family, makeover, a great personal evolution and emotional stability. The worst labor changes, too much work, an excess of spirituality.

Committed, you take the necessary distance to focus again on your face-half. You are ready to realize the idealized projects and to invest more in your relationship. A beautiful understanding reigns, because you use pragmatism to avoid controversy and you know how to relativize to preserve the well-being of each one. Unmarried, you are likely to combine love and hard work while finding the rare pearl in your activity. But do not rush and make good choices if you want the story to go on!

Until December 2, 2019, Jupiter evolves in Sagittarius, with great chances of privileging his interests. No doubt you will not run the risk of being left behind, nor of sacrificing yourself for the happiness of others, even if taking the other into account is a goal that is still important to you. Under the control of the master of your sign, you will want to shine, to be noticed. What you will most desire this year is to start a new chapter in your story!

If in 2018 you have matured plans that you carry with you at heart, preparing life projects that matter, you will not hesitate in 2019, embark on an adventure, try something else, that is somewhere else or otherwise! Count on a boost of energy and enthusiasm (sometimes even a little too much!) To move on! Some Sagittarians wish to improve their coexistence at home or their family living conditions; others will be able to leave behind certain beliefs or certain vices they have been having in love. Everyone should be able this year to develop a secure foundation for their lives, doing all they can to increase individual brilliance, to bring forth and act with a new maturity that has developed in the last cycle of Jupiter (which lasts twelve years and had its start in December 2006)!

(from November 23 to December 2): give a new impulse to your life!
Between November 8 and December 23, 2018, you received the visit of Jupiter in your deanery! You had the opportunity to get back on track, to trust you more and your ability to shine, to go your own way and why not to rely on other people! In addition, you had the chance, undoubtedly, to start a new cycle of evolution, at all levels, with more awareness, relying on your past experiences, reflecting with maturity! If you felt that something was missing, or noticed some weaknesses in your emotional life, your will now is to overcome them to gain access to more fulfilling loves. If you feel in harmony with your choices, you can more fully express your personality or your desires in a relationship!

Whatever your emotional circumstances, you are expected to seek to make changes (at least a little), to achieve something that is more appropriate to what you want, taking from the scene old habits and attitudes that sometimes darken your life

Some Sagittarians may have experienced this need since mid-May and early November last year, and will be able to count on Uranus, starting March 6, 2019, to gain more energy and give birth to new wishes, a new way, stirring some chopsticks to restore the taste and freshness of the routine! Venus will be your ally from the beginning of the year (between the 7th and 16th of January) and will surely fill you with a charm that will be enough to calm the tensions (day 8)!

Between March 26 and April 4, you will care for those you love and give you great attention and affection! It will then be time to open wings to the vertigo of love and possible passions at first sight, between the days 20 and 28 April, when you will be full of brilliance and so you will have a lot of succession! You will be all ears to your partner between June 9 and 17, proposing projects to build together (or with friends) between September 14 and 22! Take the time to ask yourself and to reminisce about past issues between October 8 and 16. It’s that old story (November 1-9) to end the year in style and self-assurance, with a good chance of reaching your goals in December. You can actually succeed and enjoy (around the fifteenth) the ideal conditions to change your life, bringing more seasoning to day-to-day, and why not to change what was already tiring you!

Sagittarius Love 2019
In love you continue like the previous years, love is not your priority. Work always stops ahead. This does not mean that you do not have your love affairs and relationships, but at no time will you talk about commitment or marriage. If you are married, your relationship will continue as it is.

If you have a girlfriend, you will stay together, but you will not get married. If you are single, you will meet someone through your work or in a course or seminar, with whom you will get along and start dating. You like intellectual exchange, therefore you will be an intelligent, intellectual person, with whom you can speak, to be able to be what has triumphed in your business or profession and that can bring something to you, that will serve you for your work.

Sagittarius Social Life 2019
During the first trimester, you will be willing to have fun.

You will travel much more than the previous years. You could do some adventure trip, because the body asks for it. This is one of the characteristics of Sagittarius, travel. And you will also travel, in order to visit your friends and / or family. So have fun.

The rest of the year, you will have to work and you will not travel as much, but you will go out with your friends whenever you can. What you will have clear, is that you want to enjoy life.

Sagittarius Work 2019
At work you’ll be fine, you’ll have a lot of work, but there will be changes, obstacles, problems that will force you to be always alert. This way you will be for 7 years, so it is better that you accept it in good time, because it goes for long. It will be 7 years of rethinking, changes of job or you could even change your company. If you face it after this stage, you will be in a good working / professional and economic position.

The first 3 months, you will be very creative and you will take advantage of it in your work. If you dedicate yourself to design themes or creations, you will do very well. The original ideas will flow and you will succeed.

Sagittarius Money 2019
This is a very prosperous year. The money will not be lacking and will enter your pocket with ease. The money will come to you from work and also in other unexpected and easier ways. You can not believe it. In addition and very important, you are in full expansion, that means, that next year will be even better.

As you will have more money, you will travel more. You will have to take risks, to be able to advance. Do not brake, do not be afraid, because you are very sensible in investments and you will know how to handle the situation. You could change bank and strategy, to get a better return on your income and investments. If you have a Trial pending, you will win it.

Sagittarius Home and Family 2019
The family and home will be very important. Your father has a lot of influence over you and will guide you. For some things it will be great, but I could influence you a lot in spiritual matters and you could become obsessed. Your father will try to make you understand, that now is the time to work and not to travel. He will want to convey to you what responsibility is and you will only think of having fun. You will disagree many times and you will argue. Beware of your aggressive attitude, measure your words and your gestures, because you could hurt your father and then he will know you badly.

At home, good. This is not a year for removals, if not for redecorating if you feel like it. Next year it will be. Your house will become a place of talks, spiritual seminars, a place of Meditation. Your philanthropic vein will take you to accommodate a homeless person. Do not target people at home, because they could steal or cheat you. Your mother could move out of the house this year and if you have siblings too.

Sagittarius Health 2019
Health and energy will be at your maximum potential. You will have some small diseases during the year, but in a timely manner, they will disappear quickly. You are at a stage where you will worry more about your image and want to be in shape.

You will give the good life and you will tend to get fat. Beware of the thighs and ankles, they are your weak point. The excess of work, will bring you back and neck contractions. The periodic massages and the reflexology would go very well. Another weak point for you is the liver. Take many tisanes, to purify it. You will be more and more decanted by alternative therapies and you will even dare with new and little contrasted diets. You are in an experience stage with your body and this year, it will be clear to you what is good and what is going wrong for you. It will be very important to you.

Sagittarius Personal Evolution 2019
The most important emotional and personal evolution, is that this year you will learn to know more deeply: what works well or badly, what you like or what you hate, what you tolerate better at a nutritional level.

Through health, from the wealth from the spiritual point of view, you will become a wise person and you will know how to live life in an easy, healthy and prosperous way. On the other hand, the fact of earning more money and the way in which you will win it, will also make you evolve and live it in another way. Something important, is that you will have premonitory dreams, that it would be interesting that you will write down, so as not to forget you. They will show you the way forward. If you evolve and mature spiritually, you will do better with the family.

Sagittarius Studies 2019
If you are a university student, you may feel disgusted and in a dilemma, because what you are studying does not convince you too much. You will be forced to change careers or leave some subjects and catch others or even change University. No matter how old you are, you will continue in your spiritual line. One tip is that you do not obsess too much.

The lunar eclipse of January 21 provides emotional balance and well-being. It should make you feel comfortable and safe being yourself without the need to pretend. Your inner peace will make your relationships more harmonious than usual. This is also a good time to promote yourself and your goals in public. However, this lunar eclipse could bring unexpected events and news that are likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Life may seem more hectic and accelerated than before. Patience, self-control, adaptability and an open mind will help you take advantage of the new opportunities that arise from the changing conditions that lie ahead.

From July 2 to December 25: the solar eclipse of July 2 suggests that you will have to make adjustments to your objectives in response to changing circumstances. You can move from nervous anxiety to excited expectation as some doors close, but new opportunities appear from nowhere. The key to success is keeping an open and flexible mind. This solar eclipse brings good health, honor and wealth. It is ideal to enjoy good times with friends and especially your family. It brings people together and is a good omen to end the conflict through compromise and negotiation. You can make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness and hard work.

From July 7 to 20: Mercury Retrograde with Trino in your Deanery offers the possibility of having unexpected meetings with people from your past. It would be good to see old friends or former colleagues, but it can complicate your life. You can also expect to stop at things and remember the past. New people who enter your life may be past life contacts who owe you one or two favors. But while this fortnight may be good for browsing old photo albums, Mercury retrograde is generally considered more a nuisance than a benefit. The commercial negotiations will be in a state of change. Some important details will not be available yet, and other parts will not be as reliable and honest.

From December 7 to 23: Jupiter trine of Uranus precisely on December 15 brings opportunities for luck and exciting encounters. This is a good time to try something new and different. This could range from a new hairstyle to an adventure abroad. You can take risks now and feel optimistic about success. It will have the additional freedom and the will to push the limits and explore new territories. This is a particularly good transit if you feel your life has stalled. It is possible that you have already anticipated something exciting on the horizon and you are restless. The unexpected opportunities will offer you a new way forward and will satisfy your need for positive change.

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