Sagittarius Luck Today 4th January 2019 Friday

Sagittarius Luck Today 4th January 2019 Friday

The reactivity of Sagittarius is accentuated by the astral conjuncture on Friday. So, you know how to avoid the pitfalls beautifully. You have opportunities to highlight yourself, you grab them and you evade offensive thoughts. If you work in the field of health or social, you value what needs to be put in place in the company, to move forward.

Perhaps you feel some dissatisfaction with your finances. Today, the situation is favorable to a search for an additional income. The Moon and Neptune are also related to the ebb and flow, this can give you ideas to find another way, to round off your ends of the month.sagittarius luck today 4th january 2019

You agree to modify your designs and your thought patterns to improve your financial income. You override some tensions with your associates and succeed in winning, which sharpens your awareness and increases your cash flow. A promotion with a small compensation would be welcome, it would be just the return of things. Your work is effective, you know it. Try to make others aware of it.

When you have the power to change the course of your career, it will be beneficial. Moment to take a chance Understand that if you’re going to lose your life.

Today your mind will be completely focused on the work. You will have the obsession to finish with certain things that you expect, and that you fear them. This does not do you good at all. Distract yourself by phoning a friend, or reading a book you’re passionate about. If you do not make improvements, go clean the house! You will have tomorrow to think about labor issues.

It is likely that debates about philosophy, religion and education will be generated and end up in a pitched battle. Feel the freedom to contribute your grain of sand on the subject. It is one of those moments when defending one’s ideas is fundamental. Otherwise, everything will turn to those who manifest them with the highest tone of voice. If it is a protest, join her. If you do not agree with a newspaper article, write a letter to the editor. Express your ideas.

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