Sagittarius Monday 2 January 2017 You will be approached by a very interesting person

Remember that Monday continues the retrograde traffic and may be under the influence of negative economic repercussions caused by bad business or investments and have a somewhat pessimistic tone regarding money.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today M...
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Shake off that attitude that has nothing to do with you. Soon everything will change for your good and there will be much success. Coming social moments are happy so go ahead with those plans next weekend as there is love and joy in activities with other people. In the sentimental plane you will feel stimulated, happy and happy, ready to carry out your affairs in a direct and concrete way.

The Moon is entering the sign of Pisces. The only retrograde planet is Mercury in transit through Capricorn. It is time to put things in their place and if you notice that your partner is somewhat distant, surly or separated from you do not continue with doubts and talk openly. Your sentimental affairs must be very clear in this planetary cycle you are living. What is looming may result in something very beautiful between the two.

There are good cosmic influences on your sign that will help you a lot in finding solutions to your health problems without having to spend too much. The more you organize and live better, the better you will feel. Flee ferried foods.

There are good planetary influences in your Sagittarius horoscope that will allow you to successfully carry out a backlog of work that you have been storing for several days. Check your files and organize them well.

Money and fortune
Prosperity comes to your doors in an unconventional way, to the Sagittarius form. In a premonitory dream come signs on numbers or other coincidences that will help you find economical solutions on a trip.