Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope of December 2017

December will be for you, Sagittarius, a month more mystical than usual and you will rethink many things that come creeping on a spiritual level. Congratulations, Sagittarian, you are in your birthday month! This year begins to rule on day 21 or 22 depending on where you live. Continue the good influence of your ruler, Jupiter, direct by the sign of Scorpio. On the other hand, Mercury, the planet of communications, will enter directly into your sign on day 5. Continue the return of Saturn by your Sagittarian sign throughout the month. You will start your birthday cycle completely renewed and fresh in love. You will be amazed at how you feel toward someone who until recently was indifferent to you.

The single Sagittarius will want to continue like this, although more than one will stumble this month with someone with a power of conviction very developed, that will make them doubt their old ideas. The sensitivity will be on the surface and if you do not want to end up committed to someone in December, it will be better than you do not go out because the opportunities will abound and your sensitivity will not be as rebellious as usual. The Sagittarius with the partner will be subject to certain ups and downs in their relationship since their partner is in a very changeable moment and you will be especially sensitive. Try not to start arguments for nonsense and try to maintain harmony, which will come better times.sagittarius monthly horoscope in december 2017

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Sagittarius Love Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
December is a month for experiences, intimate experiences and sentimental projections of new dimensions. Did you have difficulties in a relationship? Easy, Sagittarius Life is changing, adapt to its rhythm and you will see how time heals it. It does not mean forgetting, it means overcoming and moving forward with the enthusiasm and vitality that characterizes you. In love, they will do very well. They could meet someone and fall in love, outside their circle of friends and social circle. It could be on a trip, in a museum, in a chat .. Best days: 2,3,10,11,12,13,17,20,21,22,29,30

Sagittarius Health Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
Many Sagittarians will be considering changing some kind of health plan and concentrating on new goals, eliminating bad habits and incorporating new ones that imply a qualitative leap in your way of feeding and your lifestyle, in this birthday you will achieve it. Health will be very good, they will feel very strong and confident. Your image is the image of success. Food will be taken care of and they will exercise.

Sagittarius Work Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
This is the time of labor revitalization in which you project yourself towards new labor interests and leave behind all those who do not agree with your personality, effusive, jovial and enthusiastic. You will have very good opportunities in your birthday cycle. At work, they will do very well and they will get job offers, far from their work environment. Fame and good reputation precede them. If they have their own company, they could get new customers and new orders, new projects. Best days: 9,10,11,19,20,29,30

Sagittarius Money Monthly Horoscope of December 2017
There are good omens within your economic plane, Sagittarius, including hunches and inspirations that will indicate the way to follow to achieve your goals, goals and resources that have escaped your hands during these past days and now come back to you. The money will go very well since they will increase their income. They enter a phase of prosperity, in which they will rain money and income. They will also charge a lot of money in an unexpected way. Best day: 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12,13,17,20,21,22,26,27,29,30,31

In general, in December your mood will be so spiritual that you will look more like a sign of water than of fire. And is that your usual warlike and active attitude will give way to intuition, sensitivity and want to cultivate your introspective values. Also, your taste for art will be exacerbated this month and you will enjoy music, which can become your accomplice to heal certain wounds. It will be time to review your emotional relationships, and above all, your family relationships. This month of December the most important will be the home and the family. It will be a prosperous and successful month. They will be happy.

The family moves too and they could travel to other cities or other countries. They could go to spend Christmas as a family, but outside their city. Many meetings, activities, and harmony with the family. They provide them with the emotional well-being they need. The 2nd fortnight will be fussier. Be patient and do not fight.

Maybe you have not been fair to some people and a new awareness of yourself will make you rethink certain decisions. It will not be a drama, if you have to ask someone’s forgiveness do it heartily and you will feel much lighter. The same if you are the one who must forgive. December will be for you, Sagittarius, a month more mystical than usual and you will rethink many things that come creeping on a spiritual level.

In the middle of the month, if you are looking for new opportunities in your career, you will notice how the Cosmos puts them on a platter, so you do not have excuses to take advantage of your good luck. In health issues, you might have some discomfort in the feet, so try to pamper yourself and make yourself some love in this important and so despised part of your anatomy.