Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2022

Your creativity is unleashed from April 3; this is a month in which you have truly original and exciting ideas that will allow you to give a twist to your work projects and also your world. If you are single, the beginning of the month invites you to romance, to start talking with someone you like very much or who makes your heart happy.

As we saw in the horoscopes for April 2022, around the 4th, the news and some events may lead you to consider ending a contract or work commitment that you believe is no longer giving you the money or the resources before. It is possible that a conversation or some information will begin to show you the way out little by little.sagittarius monthly horoscope for april 2022

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The event that marks the beginning is the new moon on April 11, the energy portal that brings a lot of fertility to you, which you can use in work, family, or personal matters. It is the beginning of two weeks in which you can bet on anything your heart tells you to pursue, be it a relationship, a project, or even a pregnancy.

On April 14, a very positive astrological season begins for any change or project you want to undertake in your workplace or around your business. The second half of the month is fertile for any undertaking, launch, or decision that allows you to shape a plan that has to do with your work environment, lifestyle, and in general, with what you do from Monday to Friday to earn the lifetime.

The proposals, negotiations, and meetings you have from April 19 come very well to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. And you can use this energy to manifest a raise, a change in roles, a new team, and even a new office. You can use the available energy to resume your good health habits, do a detox, or return to your healthy lifestyle.

Your rational judgment will be revolutionized between April 20 and 25, so take the opportunity to pursue new, higher, more exciting, completely new mental goals. It is also a period when your relationships are filled with optimism and goodwill.

After April 23 and throughout May, you must take care of your character because you will be more likely to have unexpected outbursts of anger, low passions, or open wounds on the surface. Therefore, you can be much more reactive than usual. If you discover a lie or a betrayal on these dates, it will be very difficult for you to forgive it.

At the end of April, the full moon is an intense moon for your sign because it heralds definite ends. What ends during the fifteen days after this moon, which occurs on April 26, is not going to bring a second or third chance later, so don’t force things either.

The energy that accompanies this moon is one of liberation and answers, so although an ending may hurt, know that it is destined to bring peace and growth as soon as you are ready to integrate the lesson.

On April 27, we begin to talk about Pluto retrograde, which this year is retrograde again in Capricorn, and with it begins another period that comes to continue lecturing you about the ‘dark’ and gloomy ideas that live in your unconscious. They don’t allow you to have a healthy relationship with your money and the wealth you build for yourself.

This month of April for Sagittarius will be a good month in which you will face changes and good opportunities. The most important: health, social life, and work. Lucky numbers for April: 1-2-10-11-15-16-17-18-19-28-29.

In love, you will be fine. If you are a couple or married, you will be very good together. Everything flows, and you will feel happy. There will be no changes or problems. If you are alone, love will probably come. Through your social life, you will meet interesting people, and among them, you will meet someone special that you will like. You will want to go out with her and get to know her better. Have a good time!

Social life will be active as always, but this month will be special. You are going to need people to achieve your goals. You are interested in relating to the maximum because it will benefit you professionally. You will do a lot of business while having fun.

Work and profession will go very well for you. Teamwork and collaboration with your co-workers are how you will achieve your goals. They could change your job within the same company. It is not a good idea to launch new projects on your own. They could offer you some business outside of your current job, or if you are unemployed and looking for work, you could receive a good job offer.

April will be a good month for money. Your economy remains stable, and you will not have to worry about it. You are in a good professional moment, and the money comes in.

Your home and your family will be fine, but you should do activities at home or in a quiet plan, such as a cinema or a theater. If you have older children, advise them to drive carefully to avoid accidents. If you had planned to take a trip abroad, it is better that you postpone it. It’s not a good time.

Your health will be regular, but they will be small illnesses or discomforts of short duration. You will feel low on energy and will often be tired. Get as much sleep as you need, rest and massage when needed. It is important that you feel more energetic to face your daily responsibilities.

April will be a complicated month for students. There will be changes in your studies. Maybe you realize that you don’t like what you’re studying and you want to change your career, or you want to change the subject… or maybe you decide to change your university… or maybe problems arise in your study center. The fact is that it will be a month with a lot of instability.