Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Sagittarius love August 2020
Fortunately, Venus becomes Cancer after the 8th of August and the love difficulties, although they cannot be solved altogether, at least improve.

That Venus in Gemini for many months has created various complications in the relationship, complications that, however, can now be resolved, very calmly, serenely. Don’t ask too much of your partner, don’t try to be too demanding without observing what she wants.sagittarius august monthly horoscope 2020

You must know how to listen because from the 6th to the 20th of August, Mercury in León, therefore in trigone, allows you to communicate, dialogue positively with the person you love. As for lonely hearts, that Mars in Aries offers an explosive charge, and that allows you to obtain various possibilities to conquer a person’s heart, working in charm, in magnetism. Even in couples, love is essential for living.

For the Sagittarius bachelors, the presence of Mars and retrograde Chiron in the V House of the sign can mean an ambivalent attitude towards romantic reactions: on the one hand, proactive and ready to do anything to conquer love; and on the other, fearful of rejection and old memories.

It is convenient to take time to clarify your emotional world, and contact the inner child, to lighten the burdens and be aware of what you want, and need, at this time.

On the other hand, the entrance of Venus in the VIII House of the centaur (07/08), encourages eroticism, love games, deep conversations, and trust in relationships.

Remember that the North Node is located in the VII House of Sagittarius, so personal relationships (including the one you have with yourself), constitute the focal point for the evolution of the subject.

Sagittarius work and money in August 2020
In the professional field, the climate in this month improves considerably. We have an excellent Mercury that from August 6 and at least until August 20, brings good news, new clients, excellent business to conclude, excellent opportunities to glimpse a different horizon, especially if you are looking for a new job.

If you are disappointed in what you have accomplished, what you are doing, this month could be crucial to figure out what to do starting in September, when most companies and offices reopen. You are full of good ideas to put into practice but you don’t have to interact with others looking only for personal advantages.

Less selfish and more generous and, with this spirit of initiative, they will manage to conquer new professional positions. With Jupiter in transit through the second house, any type of economic investment for future projects is really favorable and therefore appropriate.

Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter continue to retrograde in the House II of Sagittarius, which can be interpreted as obstacles to carry out financial operations; outstanding debts requiring attention; difficulties starting a savings plan; and economic restrictions.

Mars in House V of the centaur will hold squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in House II. These alignments indicate that the subject may give in to frustration, or use his creative potential to organize his finances, with the focus on his long-term plans.

Likewise, the aforementioned squares imply delays in funds to promote certain projects. Take advantage of the extra time, to review the details of your initiative and correct budgets.

Venus’s entry into House VIII (08/07) suggests that the native has the moral and financial support of family members (and associates) to overcome setbacks.

On the other hand, the Full Moon in Aquarium on 03/08, will touch the House III of Sagittarius, translating into a task or training that is completed, encouraging the native’s interest in taking on new challenges.

In this sense, the beginning of the retrograde of Uranus in the VI House of Sagittarius (08/15), can motivate unexpected changes in the work environment; the mentality of the subject regarding the function that it fulfills; and the dynamics of interaction with colleagues.

If you are thinking of pursuing an alternative occupation, do not act impulsively, and prepare a strategy that allows you to achieve the proposed objectives, progressively.

From 04 to 19 August, Mercury will be visiting the IX House of Sagittarius, which also stimulates the encounter with people from other cultures, and international and academic procedures involve analyzing your expectations of personal and professional growth.

The fact that the New Moon in Leo, happens in the IX House of the centaur, refers to the beginning of a new adventure, in the academic environment, or spaces that are unknown to the native.

For the students of the sign, the transits on House IX, speak of the desire to learn, and expand knowledge, through parallel courses or the exploration of different areas of knowledge.

As Mars in House V of Sagittarius will star in powerful trigons with the Sun (08/16) and Mercury (08/17) in House IX, contact with people of other nationalities, intellectual environments, and readings on different philosophies will contribute to nurturing your creative spirit.

Later, when the planet of communication moves to the X House of the centaur (08/19), the native will consider different professional career options that provide a closer approach to his purpose.

It is worth noting that the Sun will also enter the X House of Sagittarius on 08/22, so there is the possibility of gaining a greater projection of the job profile, as well as promotions, acceptance of leadership positions, and encounters with potential mentors.

Another astrological aspect to consider, during this time of year, is the opposition between Mercury in House X and Neptune retrograde in House IV (08/30), an event that warns about the risks of not maintaining a balance between home and professional life.

Lastly, don’t forget that the Juno asteroid continues in your XI House, highlighting the importance of being loyal to your dreams and true friends, and not underestimating the power of teamwork.

Sagittarius Luck in August 2020
Having Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius, but also Mars in Aries means being able to receive something really beautiful from destiny. The economic sector is very positive, the sentimental sector begins to improve, but the most interesting thing about August is that you feel a much more effective, decisive energy within you, a very strong desire to act, to give yourself work.

In this case, when the planets are so favorable and the person moves, commits, it is inevitable that lucky and quite profitable events may come.

You love to travel and with this beautiful Mars, you could have the intuition to take a trip to a very particular city where a chance encounter with a person of character compatible with you creates the basis for future collaboration. But watch out for physical energies. That Mars is very good but it could lead to muscle tears, falls, small accidents, various distractions.

The onset of Uranus apparent recoil in House VI of Sagittarius (08/15) increases susceptibility to hormonal or nervous system diseases, episodes of stress, anxiety, joint pain, and lower limb injuries (particularly to the ankles and calves).

Let us remember that when a planet is in retrogradation, it invites us to reflect or review patterns of behavior, in the area of the astral map where the movement of the said celestial body occurs.

In this case, the apparent setback of Uranus in House VI of the centaur aims to attend to the native’s comprehensive health; pay attention to symptoms or discomforts that you had intentionally ignored; reformulate the domestic organization/routine, and rethink professional objectives in the medium and long term.}

Keep in mind that Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius, is retrograde in House II of the sign, where also Pluto and Saturn are present in apparent reverse.

The configuration on House II of the centaur favors the practice of self-discovery, and the identification of emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that hinder your personal development.

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