Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This month of January for Sagittarius will be prosperous and happy, with the total possibility of changing everything you want. The most important thing will be money, love, health, and the profession. The lucky numbers for January: 1-2-9-10-13-14-18-19-28-29.

Noble, more than passionate, he is very impulsive but profound. He will love you with his soul, but he will always defend his personal freedom. Travel, culture, art, the truth are his interests. Sagittarius begins the year 2021 with Venus providing excellent energy. The planet of love will give you the charm and harmony necessary to find in you the spirit of genuine love that will also allow you to give yourself to others. It is a beneficial transit that will accompany you most of the month, so matters of the heart will be favored, whether you have a partner or are alone.sagittarius monthly horoscope january 2021

In any case, keep in mind that Mars still weighs heavily on your backpack of some repressed guilt and desires, which you must be able to bring to light to advance. But this will come later. The Sun in Capricorn asks you to put your feet on the ground in matters related to your partner and money in common.

The Sagittarius will start the year 2021 ready to take the world ahead and, this time, the joint presence of Jupiter and Mars will push them more than ever towards higher planes both in the individual, professional and social fields. From January 4, Venus will settle in House III and, from there, will sponsor relationships between siblings and with close relatives. Then, Mars will change her position on day 1 and emphasize the interest of the Sagittarians to increase their income, so everything will be positive.

If you are in a couple or married, it will be a quiet month, but full of romance and details of each other. It is the way, that you will find, to show your love and affection. If you are single, you will live romantic moments with rent that you will just know, but that will ignite your heart. This person will be directly related to your finances, your money, or your way of earning money.

Thanks to the forcefulness of Venus, the month guarantees seduction, charm, optimism, enjoyment, and love relationships that give you energy. She will feel the need to consolidate romances that are beginning, since Saturn calls him to give shape to things, to contain them in a framework. Also, this transit is likely to awaken in you your most spiritual and humanitarian side. Remember that Mars still makes you look back to explore confusing areas of yourself.

In their bond with Aries, Sagittarius will identify with a hunted hunter. While he has always kept a distance from formal relationships, this time he will pretend that the one in love with him recognizes him as his partner. With Gemini, they will feel as free as when they had not yet initiated the bond, although they will be clear about the real importance that commitment has. On the other hand, the difficulties that will occur with another Sagittarius can be overcome due to the strong ties between the two. Pisces will find it difficult to adapt to the anarchic rhythm of her crush.

Social Life
Friends will be present as always, but this month you are going to be very busy with work. You will relate much less.

This January, you will continue to progress in your work. Everything will turn out for you. Orders and projects will be very interesting to you. Your good professional reputation is growing and you will feel confident and satisfied. You have reached your goal and now it’s your turn to set yourself new goals; more ambitious.

The Sun Capricorn and Mercury could generate changes and instability. Essentially, the watchword in your work will be to explore a more practical side when addressing not only eventual problems but also designing proposals and preparing reports. It is important to be realistic about your occupational settings. Towards the end of the month, the situation will evolve for the better. Venus is favorable for artistic, aesthetic, and legal work. She focuses on the future of Sagittarius.

Taurus will be in charge of teaching Sagittarius effective management of his income. The natural ability of Taurus to accumulate wealth will prove a valuable point of reference for this confident and spending son of Jupiter. Cancer, on his part, will be willing to provide the support that his partner needs without claims of any kind. Scorpio will also be in charge of modifying, in part, the naive and overconfident vision with which his Sagittarius partner has since he started in the world and will make him see that not everyone is as honest and credible as he assumes.

Money and Luck
You will do very well with the money. It will be a month in which you will earn more money than usual and you will expand your client portfolio. Orders or contracts will increase and your checking account will rise like foam. You will achieve your goals and you will feel super happy. Also, you will be lucky with gambling, on 23-24-28-29 you could win a good sum in the Lottery.

Family and Friends
The family will be fine. You will see them on Sundays because during the week it will be impossible. In cases where difficulties are annoying, friends will be present and accompany the cheerful Sagittarius so that he does not lose his optimism. Leo will understand like no one else the urgent need that Sagittarius has to have fun, regardless of the good, regular, or bad circumstances that they have to live. Virgo will agree at the last minute to accompany him on the pleasure trip that his friend designed. It will only be necessary for this son of Jupiter to solve some issues related to his documentation. With Libra, they will participate in trips, concerts, and visits to art exhibitions.

Health will be very good. You will feel full of energy and health. You will give an image of strength and security in yourself. You will have the strength and courage to do everything. You will be in shape and you will be very handsome. Be careful with the car. Drive carefully because between the 18th and the 21st, you could have an accident.

January will be a good month for the students. You will have no problem focusing on your studies and going for the best grades you can get.

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