Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This July for Sagittarius will be a month to make adjustments and move forward. The most important thing will be love, work, and social life. The lucky numbers for July: 1-2-7-8-9-11-12-20-21-28-29.

The large number of occupations that the Sagittarius will absorb during July, will take time away from your emotional life. Great care. During July, the Sagittarians will be so busy with work, profession, business, studies, and other occupations, that you will not have time to be with your family, much less to share moments of intimacy with your partner.sagittarius monthly horoscope for july 2021

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This July for Sagittarius will be a month to make adjustments and move forward.

In this way, conflicts with the environment will be noticed, the family will complain, friends will move away and the couple will feel abandoned and offended. It will not be essential that you kill yourself working or that you dedicate more hours than usual to your personal activities.

It would do you really good to reflect on your relationships with others and get closer to the people who love you the most. You need to be with them, as much as they need you, if you come to understand this fact, you will avoid many inconveniences.

In love, you will be fine. If you have a partner, everything flows and you will be fine with her. Without changes. Libido will be through the roof, which will enliven your married life. If you are single, July can be a month with many love affairs and fools. Sporadic relationships, due to the great social life that you will do. You will be attracted to important people, with power. It’s what you like. Romance will be very important, especially during the 2nd half of the month.

For you, the first part of this period is absolutely good since Venus and Mars are in trine and feed that desire to hunt, to woo, to get closer to that person that you like so much but that perhaps at this moment is not attracted to you. way of doing and being. With Mars and Venus positive for at least the first 20 days of July, you have to take care of your appearance, dress, act, take advantage of the power of seduction to conquer the person you like because things will be easier later.

If you are already married or engaged, then it would be good to organize a good trip, perhaps not very long but it would certainly be a great thing to strengthen the bond you have with the person of your heart. You must realize that Jupiter is with you and who knows how many of you are thinking of moving, getting married, choosing a wedding date, having a child.

Social Life
Social life will be through your old friends and your work relationships. It is through your social life that you will make good contacts for business. You will really want to travel and surely you will, but do not go abroad, because problems could arise during the trip. Better move to your country.

Work and profession will be a month in which you will need to plan your action plan well, set goals and be able to move forward more confidently. You will have a lot of work and little time to yourself. But you must make social life because it benefits your business or work or profession.

Talking about work with Mercury in opposition, at least until the first 10 days of July, is not easy. Be still and do not take the longest step, but listen to what those who know how to advise you tell you, and if you really want to act, at least wait for the second part of the month when Mercury will no longer be in opposition, even if you lose the support of Venus. . Fortunately, you have a lot of willpower and creative energy that allows you to achieve interesting goals, but better to postpone everything and think only about what you have to do.

This is a break-in phase and when Jupiter is no longer in the square, starting at the end of the month, they will be able to move forward serenely. This is not a good time to interview, pass tests and competitions, and change jobs. That Jupiter in the square, in effect, puts the sticks between the wheels in a particular way to those who were born in the third decade.

Money and Luck
With money, you keep trying to improve. The changes will arrive in the next few months, which will be when the inflows of money will increase. For now, this month will continue the same.

Venus in León in the middle of the month and Mars always in León during the entire July period. It is a shame not to have the support of Jupiter returning to Aquarius until the end of this month but we can confirm that the energies are there, the mind is lucid, concrete, eager for success, and with a bit of luck, you can easily reach the end of the period really very satisfied. Plan a trip in the last week of July when the support of Jupiter begins to be felt and do not forget the hobbies, your garden, the animals, the house that perhaps asks to be healed.

Enjoy a summer in which you do not sit still and do nothing but commit to doing many things. Not all of them will allow you to achieve successes and pre-established goals, but your life is about to assume the aspect of a downhill road in which the protagonists are always you. Doing fortified sports also the spirit.

Family and Friends
Your home will be a bit destabilized and they will notice your lack. They need you, to tell you your things and your advice. Your work will have you so absorbed, that you will be little at home and they will reproach you. Your children, if you have them, will be responsive and difficult. You will have to be patient.

Your health will be regular. There are no serious diseases, but there are discomfort and discomfort from time to time. To avoid this, you should change your lifestyle, eat well, exercise daily, and when you need it, massage. You tend to suffer contractures and massages feel very good.

Good month for study, you are going to try hard, because you are in final exams and you want to get very good grades.

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