Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

It’s time to turn the Sagittarius page and start a new month so, please take advantage. There are Sagittarius streaks, and the truth is that right now things have to change.

If you look back you realize that lately you only lived in a constant routine stage, without adventures in your life, sometimes even without motivations … And that has to change, for those around you yes, but for you First.sagittarius monthly horoscope for march 2020

On March 4, Venus enters Taurus and is very likely to have more need for affection than normal. You want to change some things in your relationship (if you have one) and you want to be brave enough to explain to that person what is in your mind when you see them (if they are not yet your partner).

It is not that you are alone, much less, but it is true that this time ago, you have felt it, and it is the worst feeling in the world: feel that you are alone. Ask for what you need, a hug, a kiss, a talk, a caress …

Sometimes, those little gestures can heal the soul, and sometimes, your soul is all it needs. You have to get closer to yours, and if yours don’t come close to you, ask Sagittarius, please. But don’t let time pass by, don’t let things get cold or go away because afterward, fixing it will be much more complicated.

March 9 ends Mercury retrograde and there is also a full moon in Virgo, which will make your vision of things, and life, much clearer. You are going to set new goals and you will do it for yourself. To like you more, to get out of that cycle of comfort in which sometimes you get in but that doesn’t get you out of anything. You have to evolve Sagi, you have to leave, you have to move and above all, you have to try new things, different things … And you will look better Sagittarius, much better.

On March 16, Mercury returns to Pisces and you will be more involved than ever. Let the days go by, you may have doubts about everything but think you don’t have to solve things anymore. Nor do Sagi rash decisions have to be made. Let the signals tidy up your thoughts.

If you believe or intuit that there is something wrong around you, put a solution as soon as possible, or at least, as far as you can go. But do not do as if nothing happened for fear that something might happen … Only you have the power to change what happens to you.

On March 21 the Aries season begins and Saturn also enters Aquarius. The joy and self-confidence of this new season are mixed with the common sense of Saturn in Aquarius so, you will have moments of all kinds.

Aries will give you a good fantastic vibe, it will give you the impulse, the desire to create, to go out, to laugh, to enjoy, even to go a little crazy / at times. But Saturn in Aquarius will give you the sense. I mean, he wants to have a good time but “up to here.” No more. For some, it will be something that cuts the roll, for others like you, the perfect formula. Enjoy this beautiful stage and above all, new for you. A controlled madness.

On March 30, Mars enters Aquarius, in the days before and after, you have to talk a lot with someone special. And close chapters or open new ones. For your Sagittarius good.