Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Count on Venus to encourage you to strengthen your ties with your loved ones, she favors tender exchanges and Jupiter supports your flourishing family. Do not abuse your power to impose on them what you appreciate: you must argue to lay the foundations of future happiness on a solid and above all common foundation. By mobilizing yourself in this familiar terrain, you can steer situations in the right direction: dialogue, consultation, a bit of restraint, and realism will make your loved ones want to follow you on your adventure.

This month of May for Sagittarius will be very romantic and with a lot of social life. The most important thing will be love, social life, family, and health. The lucky numbers for May: 1-2-7-8-9-18-19-22-26-27.sagittarius monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love, you will do excellently well this month. If you are married or with a partner, everything will flow and you will live a romantic month. The romance will flow in abundance and you will feel very happy. If you are single, chances are you meet someone new and fall madly in love. Live your relationship thoroughly and enjoy life.

Bad times for those who were born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Unfortunately, the month of May is rarely positive, and in fact, after the 5th Mercury is in opposition, and from the 10th Venus also arrives. Speaking of love then it happens that if you have not been able to solve problems with the partner, these can be exacerbated by the various transits and from the 21st with the arrival of the Sun in Gemini, everything will become almost impossible to sustain.

The climate within relationships becomes increasingly complicated while lonely hearts if they have a very slight chance of meeting someone at the beginning of the month, after their half, will not be able to attract anyone and could only meet small or big disappointments. It is better to be left alone at this time and if unfortunately, they are with a person, it is better not to do it if the couple believes that they are right. Calm and patience.

Social Life
As for social life, it will be the most important along with love. You will be in a moment of your life, in which you will realize that you need others to advance and progress in all aspects of your life. There is no harm in using others or in other words, letting the others take the initiative and you go to the bottom. In this way, you will get what you need, to move towards your goals.

The work will continue to go well, but with changes within the company or your business. Changes, to adapt to changes and new circumstances. If you work for someone else, they could change your job. If you have your own business, you will have to change something in the way you work, to be more profitable and more effective.

Even at work, unfortunately, we cannot say that everything will be fine. You indeed have the continuous support of Jupiter of the zodiac sign Aquarius, your ally, but what can happen, especially after May 10, is to receive good opportunities that you will not be able to exploit because you lack ideas, physical strength. , of creativity.

Therefore, at least three weeks in which it is not absolutely easy to move on, to carry out what you want and perhaps it would be better to give up on certain occasions. If they are looking for a job, they will find that the interviews will not go as well, they will be disappointed, and they will have to settle. The effect of fast planets like the Sun, Mercury, and Venus often nullifies the beneficial effect of Jupiter. Meanwhile, Saturn asks that we take responsibility by not wasting money, not by trying financial speculations that will undoubtedly be excellent at the end of July.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will make an important change and you will earn more money. You should be thrifty and thus have money, for possible unforeseen events.

Mars in Cancer and therefore in transit through the eighth astrological sector indicates that it is necessary to recover energy and avoid money bleeding. Perhaps family concerns, of a bureaucratic type, perhaps linked to inheritances for which they are spending too much time and force. Worse will be after the 10th with Venus and Mercury in opposition.

Trying your luck trying new paths is not useful now because Jupiter’s support is almost completely canceled or at least greatly diminished. Prudence is never too much and, therefore, looks to the future with calm eyes, but in this presentation do not dare to make any risky decision. For the family, there may be expenses, for the children, the parents, and even fights with a relative, brother, sister. If you have to make small, short trips, be careful with distractions, especially if you drive the car, and let’s not consider the long trips that could be the bearer of so many annoyances.

Family and Friends
The family will be quite well. Your whole family is changing, forced by circumstances. The eclipse of the 26th directly affects them and affects them in different aspects: money, work, spirituality, love … Your partner or wife will have to reorganize their finances so that their money will pay off. Beware of PCs! They could be damaged or broken by the influence of the lunar eclipse.

This month you will be regular and you will have to take care of yourself seriously. You will feel weak and sick from anything. Take care of your meals, as you will have a bad stomach. Rest and sleep as much as you can, because you will need to gather strength. From the 3rd week, you will feel better. Back and head massages will help you feel better. You need to purify your body and change your image. It is a work of months, but you must start thinking about the image, which you would like to have.

Encouraged by Jupiter, who favors your family life, you use your free time to contribute to general development. They will go on excursions together, play in the garden or play board games. You are happy to surround yourself with good people to prepare delicious meals and they all get involved to brighten up your home with good humor and creativity. It is time to take out the Legos, the puzzles or to make small comic videos together to post them on the net. The main thing is to use your time wisely, without abusing your strength or your powers.

If you are a student, you will do well The lunar eclipse will not make a dent in you. You will continue at your pace of study and sport. You will concentrate well and you will get good grades.

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